Happy as a clam

Here’s a rare selfie taken at Christmastime. We have a mirrored closet which I have been using for selfies since before the advent of digital cameras. I’m happy as a clam in this photo because I just unwrapped a Canada Goose (exclusive label up here) hat. Previously I’d been wearing whatever old hat I had […]

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iCloud demo

iCloud demo, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. At the Eaton Centre last Wednesday before lunchtime… it was a rainy day and all the stores were pretty empty, until I walked past this iCloud demo. Afterward I realized that watches, jewellery, food, drink and clothes don’t turn people on half as much as the latest […]

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fisheye, originally uploaded by earthpages. This was actually before the coffee shop… not sure if I cropped this right… might do it again later…

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