Time is a river

In my neighborhood we have these cool little mini-libraries out on people’s front lawns where books are shared. They look like oversized birdhouses. I’m not sure if this is just a Toronto thing or if it happens all over. Maybe someone could enlighten me on that. Anyhow, I was walking by one of these tiny […]

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Love gone sour

I was in a poetry mood tonight so came up with this. Not having written verse for a while, I decided to use my old pen name from literally decades ago.

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App Attack!

I was walking down the street yesterday. A beautiful summer day. Bilious clouds and sun. More like August than July. The teens by the local school were all staring into their smartphones. Me, I’d just spent a half hour sitting on the grass behind the library, marveling at nature’s wildflowers and berries. So the kids, […]

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Old Age

Old Age SUCH a wizened creature,     Sitting alone;     Every kind of ugliness thrown Into each feature. ‘I wasn’t always so,’     Said the wizened     One; ‘sweet motions unimprisoned Were mine long ago.’ And again, ‘I shall be–     At least something     Out of this outside me, shall wing Itself fair and free.’ E. Keary (1874)

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