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I was born in 1962, the TV and Space Age.

My Mom’s father Dr. Harold Welsh was a caring, country doctor and an elected member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

On my Dad’s side, my great grandfather James Loudon was President of the University of Toronto and my uncles Gilbert and Bruce made significant contributions in math and literary criticism.

My great uncle Tom Loudon was a sports enthusiast and coached Olympic teams for the U. of T. in 1924 and 1928.

My great aunt Nora was a librarian in Cleveland. And my aunt Norah (another Norah) was a publicist for Macmillan Publishers.

My Dad was the Dean of Business at Ryerson University and my Mom raised 5 kids and worked part-time at Black Cameras. They met at the University of Toronto where they both graduated—my Dad in Civil Engineering and my Mom with an Hon. B.A., (emphasis in English, German, French and Spanish).

Baptized as an Anglican, I didn’t think much about God or spiritual beings as a kid. Summers were spent at Go-Home Bay and winter weekends at Craigleith Ski Club.

Like Sigmund Freud, I saw the biblical God as a projection. And like many people, I naïvely believed that science had a monopoly on truth.

Graduating from the old NTCI, my beliefs began to change.

mwc-phd copy
My Ph.D. is online. Click on image for more.

I completed an Hon. B.A. at York and Trent U; an M.A. at Visva-Bharati, India; and a Ph.D. at UOttawa.

My Ph.D. is about Carl Jung‘s concept of synchronicity and Michel Foucault’s work on discourse theory.

After graduating, I delved into mythology, the arts, science, and the history of ideas. And I picked up some basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript as earthpages.org and the manuscript behind earthpages.ca had taken root.

I also bought several bookshelves of reference books from remaindered and secondhand bookstores. This was before Wikipedia and I just wanted to know everything.

In the early 90s, I was drawn to Catholicism. I converted in 2001 and explored both priestly and monastic vocations. But soon after I realized that neither was a good fit, and the many issues making the news came into sharper focus.

Other interests are guitar, piano, songwriting, music listening and production, sci-fi, photography, news, media, books, TV binge-watching, and cycling. I’m also writing an autobiography thru music called Reelin’ in the Years.

My primary focus, however, is God, whom I understand as wholly other but immanent.

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Feel free to connect on Facebook, Twitter, TumblrTumblr 2, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud or through my Contact Form. 😊

MC — July 20, 2018


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  1. Hey Michael… what you see here on the web is pretty much what I’m up to! I was going to publish “Think Free” as a book but decided last summer to blog it. Comments from people like yourself make it far more interesting. Am hoping that it will grow and I can go into a more commercial model, or possibly a charitable org. model. I see from your post on Branson (elsewhere) that you’re skeptical of philanthropy. Well, I guess that’s a complicated, many sided issue. My view is that the world won’t really change radically overnight, so any little bit of good probably helps!

    Be well and thanks for your interest in my endeavors.

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  2. Well thanks Michael for writing. I got a sense and a very good one of your background and I must say it is indeed a pleasure to see such positive affirmations from so many people who know you.
    What I see here is thus another extension of curiosity a trait that I admire and feel it is the key to going beyond one’s reach without expectation and find an Ahh! moment over and over again.
    As far as Philanthropy I never thought about it that much. I did write a the Salon Article in one of my moods, so the flavor you get one time may change due to my curiosity and mood at any given moment.
    Please take a moment to see my personal site at http://www.michaelpokocky.com and I point you specifically to The Sophistica Manifesto. The back story for this is something else but that was written and after reading it I still stand by it.
    Let me know which links to use for my blogPsche+ at http://philosophis.wordpress.com because I want to include you there and as well I want to feature you in the category featured profile+. A picture would be nice too. This is what I like to do: feature people and bring a smile to their faces. Its not about me; its about giving unconditionally. For that I remain integral and committed.

    Kind Regards,
    Michael Pokocky

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  3. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. Links and such.

    Have you seen any large studies that measure the percentage of children who convert from their parents religion?

    Also, is there a convenient summary of the major religions which lists their basic belief, the rewards they promise to the faithful, and the penalties for the non-believers?

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  4. Hi Michael,
    In addition to our sociology studies being in common, I am a huge fan of Jung and his concept of synchronicity. I also quite enjoyed my religious studies while getting my B.A. So I suppose one could say that our meeting is synchronous! Take great care.

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  5. Thanks Laurel… I appreciate your stopping by. Jung and others, like Colin Wilson, believed that the more aware we become, the more synchronicity becomes a part of daily life. So for them it was normal, not paranormal.

    Interesting… 🙂

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  6. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Michael. hope you are finding lots to entertain you and maybe making some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while check it out again. Please feel free to add comments. I see you have a fascinating and well articulated blog here! Regards Thom.

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