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Back on the Train (blast from the past!)

Here’s a tune I wrote back in the 80s! My partner had just moved out and this creative outlet started spouting all sorts of tunes. So… it’s young, not too sophisticated… but part of me. I might do a version with real guitar. The guitar sounds here are from VST plugins. I love to cheat! MIDI is so much more fun than stringed instruments (tho’ one guitar is a sampled Strat). As for the vocals… well, I AM rusty. Haven’t been signing much lately. And when my pipes do open up, it’s usually later at nite. So I had to speak/sing into the mic to not awaken anyone in the house. 🙂


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Dueling Banjos

[365 Toy Project: 083/365] It's A Good Day When...

[365 Toy Project: 083/365] It’s A Good Day When… (Photo credit: nhussein)

I was cruising around the net tonight looking for new sounds, and came across a page where Dueling Banjos was all laid out in MIDI. I only had to add the instruments and mix it a bit.

Not able to find a good, free banjo sound, I used ukelele and 12 string guitar instead. Not too bad for a computer and a kid! 51 year old kid, that is… 🙂


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my humble studio

Image via Tumblr

it’s getting late and I should be hitting the hay. just wanted to post this pic i took tonight. i was working on “shaft vs bullitt”… pulled out the guitar because, in you didn’t guess, the “guitar” in my jammmm session (below) was really a keyboard! there are some pros to doing that, like being able to easily hit two notes just a semitone apart for some nice dissonance. but the downside is that you lose so much rhythm, tone and genuine note-bending that a real guitar affords. problem, however, is that i’m way out of practice and my fingers start to hurt after a while! non-guitarists probably don’t know that guitarists develop callouses on their fingertips to guard against pinching a nerve. Seriously! pinching a nerve can put you out of action for a month, anyhow. so.. i’m going to hopefully build up those callouses, get back into practice, and stun you all with my amazing johnny guitar prowess! 🙂

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Compression added to… Telecaster with FA3 Full, Broomstick Bass, and MDrummer Small

I’ve never used compression before. If you haven’t guessed, I’m learning as I go along. This particular compression software (“Density”) was highly touted at bedroomproducersblog.com, and from what I can see so far, I tend to agree. Not sure if I like compression as much as uncompressed. It’s more like a store-bought CD. Whereas uncompressed sound is more like a raw, live recording (see Sept. 5, below). There’s a huge debate about this among producers. Actually quite interesting just how “into it” they get. Some really smart people, those music producers.

Density: varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2012/06/26…-released/

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Telecaster with FA3 Full, Broomstick Bass, and MDrummer Small – Demo

Well, I didn’t go to Church today. Not yet, anyhow. I usually like to catch a 12:10 Mass. The mid-week masses are nice and quiet with just a few people. Really quite monastic.

But today I felt compelled to do this demo. It’s much the same as the previous one except that I

  • added my Telecaster with FreeAmp 3 Full
  • changed the preset on MDrummer from “Techno” to “Studio” kit
  • bass is unchanged, except a few notes lopped off at the end
  • added a touch of Ambience reverb to try to gel it all together

Not a perfect demo but good enuf to illustrate the FX… It sort of reminds me of Lenny Kravitz and an old lp by Traffic (Shootout at the Fantasy Factory).

www.bornemark.se/bb/downloads.htm (sampled Fender bass)
www.meldaproduction.com/plugins/produ…Drummer+Small (sampled drum kits with FX)
rekkerd.org/fretted-synth/ (FreeAmp 3 Full)
www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?id=568 (Ambience reverb)

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Telecaster with Amplitube “Clean Wah” and Nasty DLA

Here’s one I did this morning before my nap (see below). Not sure I got the mix right. But it demonstrates the amp and effect. Free plugins are Amplitube 3 (“clean wah”) and Nasty DLA (“201 anyone?”). Thanks to Jimi.

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Telecaster with Helian FreeAmp3 – Freedom

I was up late last night and paid for it today! After a good, long nap I did this one. An old Bread tune called “Freedom.” Free plugin is HELIAN FREEAMP 3. A very nice amp that you can tweak to your heart’s content! This sample uses OVERDRIVE, WAH and DELAY. There are three good versions of this amp. Each different. 2nd and 3rd versions are best, IMHO. All can be downloaded here: rekkerd.org/fretted-synth/