Reelin’ in the Years – 2018

Well, I’m all caught up with my musical retrospective. This song was in the top 10 for 2018. It still gives me a little shiver up my spine when it breaks into the chorus. Nice video too. I guess I won’t be adding to this until another year passes. But I’ll be posting favorite songs […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1991

It’s 1991 and I’m 29 years old. Finally, the 90s are really here. Music is tightening up and I’m listening to the radio a bit more, buying more albums. I suppose Nirvana is a big deal for a lot of people. But for me, the only thing I can sing is “Hello… hello…” Maybe I’m […]

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lapse it app

I had a few minutes on a rainy day today, so grabbed a coffee. There was no wifi but I’d just installed the Lapse It app before leaving the home. So I thought I’d try it out. This was about 1 minute of footage, crunched down to 2 seconds. Sorta cool. Next time I’ll do […]

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Cafe Polski

Someone shared this with me on Pinterest… I found it funny. Reminds me a bit of the old British comedy, Doctor in the House.

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Elvis – Auto-Tune Demo

I thought Elvis might like a little update into the 21st century. There are two instances of “Auto-Tune” (giving certain notes a robotic twang) in this short passage. Can you hear them? I had to make some extra effort to get the effect because Elvis is so darned good that he’s right on pitch every […]

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Evil Mystik

Am working on a new Chill tune called “Are you an evil mystik, mister?” It’s actually several years old. I wrote it shortly after moving to Toronto from Ottawa. Had just bought a new keyboard and was eager to get into digital recording. I knew even less back then than I do now, so just […]

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Midnite muse and the law

Was up quite late last night working on my cover of George Harisson’s Isn’t it a Pity. So far so good. I’ve got a basic kickdrum and cymbal going, and an airy synth mapping out the chords. It’s probably taking a little longer than it would for most musicians because I don’t know the chord […]

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Telling Lies – David Bowie

Interesting student video of Bowie’s Telling Lies. I don’t think Bowie did a video for this song. There’s another video at YouTube that’s a sort of remix of other Bowie footage, and *very* ugly as all lies and liars are. But this one isn’t quite so harsh. I like its ambiguity. Related articles Visual Proof […]

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