Evil Mystik

Space Heater
Space Heater (Photo credit: solidgosth)

Am working on a new Chill tune called “Are you an evil mystik, mister?” It’s actually several years old. I wrote it shortly after moving to Toronto from Ottawa. Had just bought a new keyboard and was eager to get into digital recording. I knew even less back then than I do now, so just did a couple of takes using the keyboard’s auto-accompaniment mode. Those takes are okay but I’m now doing a new version entirely from scratch. It’s slow going but a lot of fun, and a great way to learn REAPER, the software I’m using.

Isn’t it a Pity (my cover, that is) is on hold, mostly because I lost interest and also because I don’t want to work my butt off and then find out that I can’t even post it on YouTube or SoundCloud due to copyright issues.

So… it’s back to my own stuff. I’ve got the audio equip. set up in the basement, which in Canada can get pretty chilly in the winter months. Electricity costs too much IMHO to justify using a space heater for hours on end, so I rigged up a temporary room divider, consisting of two shower curtains stapled together. This keeps a smaller area warm as the flow from the heating vent has less distance to travel and less colder air to mingle with.

Chill is cool but cold sucks…

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