💙 Before New Age, Smooth Jazz and Chill we had… 💙

This one goes back to 1975. I first heard it on a tape that a friend of one of my sibs had left behind. It was a Maxell tape, which sort of enhanced the whole thing. Maxell was the big name in tapes back then. They cost a bit more but until challenged by TDK, Maxell was it.

Again, played this in the house through a fairly good stereo. Genesis loudspeakers with a passive subwoofer, either a Marantz or Yamaha amp (had both). Pioneer tape deck. To my young ears, this sounded like some adult world that I could intuitively comprehend but knew I hadn’t quite grown into.

Sound familiar? I’m sure many have had similar experiences while growing up. Then you grow up and look back, and the whole thing is recast into yet another light.


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