Amazing day today in Georgina

Here’s a little Anglican Church that I’ve photographed before. Today was special because the lake by which it stands was entirely frozen. But it was sunny and pretty warm (for March in Canada, that is). A well-known Canadian author Stephen Leacock rests in the Church cemetery. As does Susan Sibbald, a woman whom I find […]

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vintage poster

Returning some stuff at the library drop box the other night I saw this vintage poster in a nearby store window. It was freezing cold but I had to take a pic.

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Reflected Glory

This image is a reflection from a stained glass window at St. Anselm’s parish, Toronto. The image on the window is not Christ but someone wearing a hat. Probably a bishop. The reflection, however, looks like Christ to me. Christ in the bishop?

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Maybe he’ll buy it

Nah, he didn’t I used to go into this secondhand/remaindered bookstore a lot. A few years ago you could buy scholarly old Penguins for a buck. I have quite a few and hope I never have to get rid of them because of space restrictions. These days the outdoor “dollar table” is now the “two […]

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Nite walk

When I was younger I used to take vigorous walks for about 45 minutes practically every day. Before that, I jogged for about the same amount of time. Nowadays I enjoy walking but my knee and hip joints are getting stiff and the return home is usually a drag. So I’ve become somewhat lazy – […]

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Urban Moon

Fantastic weather tonight. I went for a walk by the old school, which actually used to be in that empty space in the center of the photo. It was torn down and is now in the base of the left condo. They’re going to do the same thing with the church directly across (behind my […]

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The Holodeck

I’m trying to get in better shape by bike riding. Also, just enjoying the parks in Toronto. Being mostly stuck in the city during summer is fairly new to me. One has to adapt. Sometimes I muse that the Toronto Parks are like the holodeck in Star Trek TNG. They’re not quite the countryside but […]

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