Rest in Pieces

People in our surrounding area are really getting into Halloween this year. Some of the displays are quite elaborate but also dark, energy-sucking things, which makes me think how we live in a culture of death. But then again, the same neighborhood really gets into Christmas displays. So maybe it’s just a seasonal thing. It […]

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inner light

This is an Easter lily given to us as a gift. Cropping it posed a special challenge. Usually I like to stick to the original pic’s proportions but in this case there was too much distracting background, so I went freehand. Not sure if I got it right or not… 🙂

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I’m trying to walk 30 minutes every evening this Spring. I have a chronic ear sensitivity that necessitates keeping my head covered outdoors at night, until things warm up more. If I don’t it hurts like hell. So the outline of my neck and head is a bit blockish from a hoodie with jacket hood.

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shake reduction

Here’s a sunset shot taken last Sunday. Lake Ontario near Cobourg ON. It’s handheld zoomed 48x, and my camera only has 12x optical. So there was some blur. I used Photoshop’s “skake reduction” (a new one for me) filter to fix it up. Pretty impressed with the results. Related articles CitizenSpark No. 1: Show us […]

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small town santa

I like this Santa. He’s an ancient old thing. Looks like he was dredged up from some basement, kicking around since the 1940s. Beautiful moonlit night in Port Hope, Ontario.

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think pink

Well, I was going to use these guys for my new banner but realized the dimensions wouldn’t work… so I got a nice pic anyhow. I purchased these back in the 90s. I was in a slightly seedy end of town and spied them in the front window of an old variety store. Couldn’t resist. […]

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