tulips, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. This pic was one of a series taken last weekend at Edwards Gardens, Toronto. It’s a nice park, full of newlyweds getting wedding pics, etc. I used another pic from the same series for my blog banner.

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moonlines, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. moon behind power lines… without the mysterious streak that appears in “mystery moon”…

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mystery moon

mystery moon, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. the moon behind power lines … i don’t know why the mysterious streak appeared… i didn’t move the camera at all… as you can see the lines are in focus…

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splash, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. touched up with a “film effect” filter in photoscape (free software!)

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reaching for the impossible

reaching-for-the-impossible, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. this is on the edge of a farm near lake ontario… not being born and bred in the country, i’m not sure what it is… looks like some kind of bird feeder or something… but can’t understand why the holes are so small, and one on the bottom…

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pump, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. a point of departure at georgian bay where we’d fill up with gas and get groceries before taking the half hour boat ride to the cottage.. cottage is sold… memories intact…

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old country meter

old country meter, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. drove out to the country yesterday… was nice to get out of the city, even if it took about an hour to get past all the box warehouses and tacky suburban development… seems toronto sprawls more and more every year… makes you wonder if someday the […]

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