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crooked and straight

Image via Tumblr


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me, myself and eye

a beautiful day today in the park… took this just at the end of a good shoot… (via Tumblr)



tulips by earthpages
tulips, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

This pic was one of a series taken last weekend at Edwards Gardens, Toronto. It’s a nice park, full of newlyweds getting wedding pics, etc. I used another pic from the same series for my blog banner.

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moonlines by earthpages
moonlines, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

moon behind power lines… without the mysterious streak that appears in “mystery moon”…

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mystery moon

mystery moon by earthpages
mystery moon, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

the moon behind power lines … i don’t know why the mysterious streak appeared… i didn’t move the camera at all… as you can see the lines are in focus…

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splash by earthpages
splash, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

touched up with a “film effect” filter in photoscape (free software!)

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watching-and-waiting by earthpages
watching-and-waiting, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

title from an old Moody Blues song… youtu.be/eYenQ5C77nk