The original title for this was “Echoes from the Cave.” That’s an idea – I guess a bit of a cliché – that I’ve wanted to use for a short story, novel, or maybe a song. Well, time has passed and that seems a bit passé.. at least for me. So I decided to call […]

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App Attack!

I was walking down the street yesterday. A beautiful summer day. Bilious clouds and sun. More like August than July. The teens by the local school were all staring into their smartphones. Me, I’d just spent a half hour sitting on the grass behind the library, marveling at nature’s wildflowers and berries. So the kids, […]

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it’s time

it’s time, originally uploaded by earthpages. I was in a coffee shop today and thought this was sort of interesting… most people don’t know it but coffee shops are actually places where people time travel… aided by that hallucinogen known as caffeine… just kidding, btw!

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