Finally got my Flickr back!

When we changed ISPs we lost an email address that was associated with Flickr. And it seemed there was no way to get back in. Many other people had a similar issue. There’s a four page forum (plus or minus) at Yahoo/Flickr about how to get back in. And it seemed that many weren’t having […]

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What have we done to the night?

So if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that I have a smart phone after years of doing without. I must admit, I like having the phone and camera all in one. I like taking pictures. And many times I “saw” something but didn’t have my camera with me. So I didn’t get the shot. […]

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21st Century Signs

Thinking I’m going to start a new photo series called “21st-century signs” or something like that. I’ve been fascinated by street signs for a while now. Some are just boring but others stand out. I always marvel at pics of old times. So maybe someday people will look back at these and think…”oh, how old […]

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lapse it app

I had a few minutes on a rainy day today, so grabbed a coffee. There was no wifi but I’d just installed the Lapse It app before leaving the home. So I thought I’d try it out. This was about 1 minute of footage, crunched down to 2 seconds. Sorta cool. Next time I’ll do […]

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A walk in the park…

Went for a walk in a nearby ravine. The scene is backlit, but still, the branches in the foreground are all sickly and dull looking… Related articles Quick Tips for Taking Better Portraits from Nikon Moose Peterson Explains the Importance of Seeing Light from Nikon HOLMBERG: The monster sinkhole from Gaston, 10 years later Photographing […]

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