My ‘Frankenstein’ Computer

Some of you may know that I like messing around with old computers, trying to squeeze every overpaid penny out of them that I can. In Canada we pay more than in the US because of our devalued dollar. But there are also more taxes. And on top of this, an amorphous “environmental handling fee,” […]

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Rest in Pieces

People in our surrounding area are really getting into Halloween this year. Some of the displays are quite elaborate but also dark, energy-sucking things, which makes me think how we live in a culture of death. But then again, the same neighborhood really gets into Christmas displays. So maybe it’s just a seasonal thing. It […]

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witch’s den

witch’s den, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. Last night I watched a really good episode of Lost Girl where Kenzi (whom I think is played by a dynamite actor) gets sucked into the realm of a nasty witch who scares little girls in their childhood dreams and then eats them later in life, provided […]

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