Even MORE vintage audio geekiness

Over the Xmas holidays I discovered that a local Goodwill had converted into a Salvation Army thrift store. I love places like that. During Christmas the selection was amazing. I didn’t need or buy anything but had fun looking over all the fake trees, wreaths, lights and Santas. I also noticed a substantial electronics section […]

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Nice Chillout App

Back in the day, people used to walk downtown or go to malls and “window shop.” It was a good way to kill time, see what’s out there, and not break the bank because generally, you didn’t buy anything, you just looked. Today I searched and the appropriate term for doing the same thing is, […]

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My Decapitated Laptop

This is an old laptop with only 512mb RAM and a mobile Sempron processor. For the most part, it was a pretty crummy laptop. About a week after the one-year warranty expired, the hinge broke that holds the screen to the body. When I got a new laptop, I put this old laptop to rest. […]

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Maybe I spoke too soon – Team Viewer seems better than Google Chrome Remote

Last night… late last night I was pleased as punch with Google Chrome Remote Desktop. But this morning, with the host laptop upstairs and perhaps more Google or local server traffic (not sure which), there was a significant lag which rendered it practically useless. Switching to the free Team Viewer, which I’m trying right now […]

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