Psychology and Theology… where do they meet?

Recently I got a really interesting question at that was right up my alley. My Ph.D. was in psychology and religion, so when the questioner asked about theological vs. psychological problems, I was ready to roll. See the full question and answer here: Related articles Paranormal Phenomena/Spiritual Attack ( Vatican seeks to rebrand […]

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Question – What Deity or Spiritual Being fits this physical description?

The other day I did another volunteer question at The Questioner said he’d had recurring dreams of a deity bathed in a whitey-blue light. Wondering if I had any clue as to what it was all about, the first thing that came to my mind was… Read the full question & answer here: […]

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Hinduism and ufos

Here’s another question and answer at Basically the question is about those who believe they’ve been abducted by a UFO and whether or not their faith – in this case Hindu faith – saves them. From my perspective the question isn’t entirely clear and could be interpreted to mean that (a) the Hindu faith […]

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Past life recall and ‘enlightenment’

It’s always nice when one of my volunteer answers at gets published. In this question, a man asks about recalling past lives during meditation and the idea of enlightenment. Click on this link to read my answer: Related articles Paranormally Mystic ( Giveaway of Past Lives #1: Rachel (The Past Lives Series) by […]

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Here’s a recent Q&A at about ghosts. Seems I’ve been getting a lot of these lately… Paranormal Phenomena/ghosts Related Articles Top 10 Ghost Ships ( We Need Your Help! ( Henrik the Ghost ( Our New Site ‘Ghost Vids’ ( Ghost Encounters ( Are Ghosts Real? ( “Ghost Rider 2” will beat the flaming […]

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Paranormal Phenomena/Graveyards…

The topic of Ghosts and the paranormal seems to be hot right now. Maybe it’s a way to keep the winter blues away. Or maybe…. In any case, here’s another Q&A at, where I really enjoy doing volunteer work: Paranormal Phenomena/Graveyards… Related Articles Paranormal Phenomena/My child says our house is “dark” ( Armchair skeptics […]

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