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Enlil – God of the Storm

I started working on this one, not really knowing where the inspiration was coming from. Later, I picked up an ancient history DVD. During the description of Enlil, the Mesopotamian god of the storm, I knew that I’d found the title for this track.

Many thanks to:





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what happened here?

Here’s a post-apocalyptic themed track. The woman’s voice is from https://www.freesound.org/people/Corsica_S/sounds/99480/ . I think she’s got an amazing voice. If interested, check out other samples her boyfriend has uploaded (she’s usually described as “my girlfriend”).

And here’s a list of all other sounds:

Freesound.org (lighter background) and freeSFX.co.uk (darker background)





Orion’s belt

A tune I’ve been working on over the past few days. More like a sketch than a finished product. Might add a bit more something to it. Not sure just what yet… maybe some distant talking with the ol’ telephone wire FX. We’ll see…

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Submarine Ascension

Last night I felt an urge to do an “underwaterscape” where a sub’s ping would be the main percussion, and the marine life would be just as audible as U-boat’s interior. The next morning, I learn that divers are exploring a German sub. One of those artistic coincidences, I guess… http://io9.com/a-sunken-nazi-sub-has-been-discovered-off-the-texas-coa-1605257102

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Open up the Door

A remix of a tune I did about a year ago… I might tweak this a bit… specifically, the sustain on the high notes of the piano melody might come down a bit… not sure right now… going to let it sit for a few days before I make any potential changes.

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a remaster of “my earth, my home”… with compression added to the master and bass, and a few levels changes… sort of a way out there, sci-fi theme… I know there are no birds in space, but the little recurring melody is about 24 yrs old and comes from a tune originally called freebird… composed on the first Yamaha analog synth i ever owned… maybe someone’s time capsule could be called freebird, i dunno!

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when u wanted (with Audrey in the UK)

Somewhere between the old ambient stuff of Eno, some kind of renaissance wormhole, and… I don’t know. Just listen! Big thanks to Audrey in the UK!

(Shhhh… don’t tell anyone… but Audrey’s website blows my cover… http://www.yakitome.com/tts/text_to_speech)  🙂