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What have we done to the night?

Image via Tumblr

So if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that I have a smart phone after years of doing without. I must admit, I like having the phone and camera all in one. I like taking pictures. And many times I “saw” something but didn’t have my camera with me. So I didn’t get the shot. But now I should be able to chronicle anything halfway interesting.

I might be a little camera crazy for the next few days. But can you blame me? My nieces and nephews have been pulling out their smart phones while I’ve humbly abided by our old motorola v220 (ancient phone). Well, things change. And the dumb ox is finally smartening up. (Theologians might get that pun >> click here for explanation).

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The March Hare

Image via Tumblr

Bad because I used a flash, and I don’t like it when people do that to me.

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I’m trying to walk 30 minutes every evening this Spring. I have a chronic ear sensitivity that necessitates keeping my head covered outdoors at night, until things warm up more. If I don’t it hurts like hell. So the outline of my neck and head is a bit blockish from a hoodie with jacket hood.

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Warning… Hot Coffee!

strange blur – taken moments after the scorcher… by mistake… (usually my best are by mistake!)

Last night I was out in the countryside and pulled into one of my fav. donut shops to grab a coffee. The young lady was sweet and polite but, little did I know, handed me a scorcher of a cup of coffee. So off I went into the car, into the night, on to my next destination. Driving very slowly through an empty parking lot I figured it was a good time to take a sip.

Yeouch. It was hot. But I thought I could handle it. So I kept on sipping. Next, I’m sipping over a speed bump… one of those small but really nasty speed bumps that force you to slow right down.

That did it. I scorched the back of my throat and can still feel it somewhat today. After getting home last night I read all about scorched vocal chords, because I’m taking it upon myself to improve my singing voice.

All I can do is hope it gets better. I considered suing but read a few articles on the web. All scorching at donut hole suits have been dismissed. And I’m not really the suing type, anyhow.

But a word of advice to any speakers or singers out there, wannabe or pro. After reading up on it, I realized that the vocal chords are very sensitive instruments. Take care of them. Be smart. I know I will from now on.

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i’m dreaming of a wet christmas…

raining… thru the windshield.. via Instagram


spooky shot

last nite at lake ontario… via Tumblr