I want YOUR BIG FEMALE vocal for this

This rendition is so bad I hesitate to post it. But remember that it’s just a blueprint. I haven’t sung in so long my voice sounds like a loose shoestring. I think with practice I could get some tone and control back. But for now, just wince when it’s worse than borderline and try to hear the melody. That’s what I want to put out there… hoping someone with a great voice will want to collab on this.

This video has subs if needed…

One comment

  1. Reblogged this on Earthpages.org and commented:

    Had a lot of fun working on this. Just wish I could whip my vocals into shape. They never were that great but years of doing electronica/insttrumental has taken its toll. SING IT FOR ME, WOMAN!!! WHOEVER YOU ARE!!! 😊


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