Outlander – The Birds & The Bees

I’m a huge Outlander fan and just watched the latest installment. Brianna is so cute. She’s a great choice for Jaime and Claire’s daughter. The actor I mean. Anyhow, this contains spoilers so don’t read further if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Basically, Brianna is raped by the psychopathic dude who stole Claire’s ring. […]

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Can we measure education quality in global rankings? – University World News

We could admit, for now at least, that it is impossible to adequately assess education quality for purposes of international comparisons. Source: Can we measure education quality in global rankings? – University World News Opinion – From my experience education and the institution where one enrolls is like choosing the right pair of shoes. If […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1994

It’s 1994 and I’m 32 years old. Cruising along with my doctorate, living in Ottawa and spending some time in Toronto during the summer while my parents are away. Apartment living in Ottawa got pretty buggy at times, and my parents’ empty house was a welcome respite. Also, the spacious Toronto Reference Library had The Collected […]

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Hard work, perseverance pays off

Recently I’ve been putting more effort into publishing entries at earthpages.ca. At the beginning, I’d written a book and just wanted to get it out there. A nice soul suggested that if I wanted anyone to read it, I’d better illustrate it and add more paragraphs. I followed his advice and, over the years, am […]

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what’s your ism?

Having more fun goofing around with fonts. I’m not sure this one is quite up to Earthpages’ standards. I originally wanted a smart looking woman with a slightly confused, bewildered or exasperated expression. But I couldn’t find a good image along those lines. This one is okay. Places on a map, as it were…

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