What have we done to the night?

So if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that I have a smart phone after years of doing without. I must admit, I like having the phone and camera all in one. I like taking pictures. And many times I “saw” something but didn’t have my camera with me. So I didn’t get the shot. […]

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When all else fails…

Lay down and take a picture… Cold weather and other factors have kept me penned up in the city like a rat in a cage. Yesterday, the sun came out and the weather forecast spoke to warmer temperatures today. Just after taking this I managed to get outside the gates of the machine (a metaphor […]

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A walk in the park…

Went for a walk in a nearby ravine. The scene is backlit, but still, the branches in the foreground are all sickly and dull looking… Related articles Quick Tips for Taking Better Portraits from Nikon Moose Peterson Explains the Importance of Seeing Light from Nikon HOLMBERG: The monster sinkhole from Gaston, 10 years later Photographing […]

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eye of horus

Today I got the camera out after a long hiatus. I had an hour to kill so walked and noticed this new traffic cam by a very old local library.

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Emergency transfer

Subway went down yesterday in Toronto but I wasn’t notified before dropping my token in the turnstile… so ended up getting this useless thing instead of the ride I had paid for… decided I might as well do something with it..! Image at flickr.com

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fisheye, originally uploaded by earthpages. This was actually before the coffee shop… not sure if I cropped this right… might do it again later…

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