Grey Cup!

Football isn’t that big in Canada. Most people probably don’t know that we have our own football league. Composed mostly, I think, of players not goodenuf to make the NFL. It’s sort of campy. But the players are better than, say, guys you’d see in the local park! Just after uploading this the sun came […]

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Only in Toronto…

Toronto sports fans are rejoicing that the Leafs finished dead last in the NHL season this year. Why? Because this dismal season made them eligible for a lottery to get the first draft pick for the upcoming season. And they won the lottery. So theoretically, Leafs get to choose the best new player. I say […]

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Sad day in Leaf Land

Leafs were eliminated from making a playoff spot. I think it was 1967 when they won their last cup. I was five. So that’s about 47 years they’ve lost? Ouch… Considering Toronto is the biggest and IMHO best city in Canada, that really sucks… Related articles Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul to have knee surgery, out […]

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