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Spin me another slanted, selective story…

Justin Trudeau at the 2006 Liberal leadership ...

Justin Trudeau at the 2006 Liberal leadership convention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Transcript, with a few edits, from dictation with the Dragon app)

We all know that the news is slanted. But recently in Canadian politics a story came up that made this so painfully obvious. This story might not be of immediate interest to non-Canadians. But bear with me. It points to bigger problems.

It’s a story about Eve Adams, a former Conservative party member who defected to the Liberal side. On CBC TV she was televised live with the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.


Smiling and wide-eyed, she seemed enamored with Trudeau, telling us what a strong, optimistic leader he was. Adams also said she left the Conservative party because it was “mean-spirited.” So I accepted what she said at face value, until later in the evening when I found this news story. Here we find a very different Eve Adams:


And then this:


I don’t know what Adams’ true reasons were for leaving the Conservative party. But I think it’s important to read all the different sides to the story. And I can only wonder how many other news stories – not to mention scientific findings – are just as colored as we see in these reports.


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Back in the RSS..?

rss copy

Huh? I’m just being stupid. Playing on the old Beatles song because I couldn’t think of anything else to call this post.

Just wanted to say that I probably will be emailing and posting less personal Facebook updates as I’ve come back to an old love… RSS feeds! I don’t know why I stopped looking at my feeds for so long. I suppose it had something to do with moving up to Windows 7 from WinXP a few years ago. My favorite feedreader (RSS Reader) used to work great on XP. Even better on Win98.

Anyhow, I managed to get it going on Windows 7 after downloading some old Windows supplements.

I love it! There’s something about finding alternative news in categories of interest that really turns my crank. Feels like you can weed thru all the crap and find the real story.

To make things even better, I’ve started up a new Facebook page and feed where I’ll be posting the stories. So you can see what I’ve been up to here (right column) and at earthpages.org and earthpages.ca.

I’m hoping, of course, this will increase my traffic, which has been holding steady but not quite bringing the house down.


Testing out Clipzine.me

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I love new web apps, and this one looks promising. I’m testing out a new service called clipzine.me. These images are from my Pinterest page, News, Today, Digital Age. Pinterest references back to where the images came from.

So while I’m testing out this beta version of clipzine.me, please follow this link to read the text and click on the hyperlinks that go with these images at Pinterest. Thanks!


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Lou Dobbs signs off

There’s something fascinating about this. The fluttering US flag in the background… all makes me feel like I’m watching some ancient Roman senator who’s disenchanted with the Emperor.


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Learning the fine art of the Tweet


It may seem like I’ve been on vacation for the past few days. In a sense I have been. I’m out of the city, in a beautiful rural town which happens to have a great wireless connection.

While it’s not exactly the place to watch and review DVDs or update old articles (activities I’ve been doing here as of late), it is perfect for going through thousands of RSS feeds and finding the best of the best (or the oddest of the odd) for a quick tweet at twitter.

So check it out. There’s nothing tardy about the headlines here:



Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace – Bob Dylan

You know, as a practising Christian I try hard not to judge others.

But there’s always the reality of people who are not sane and really quite bent on evil.

If you think I’m being xtreme, just take a look at this document. It’s a letter of agreement signed by Adolf Hitler and the British PM Neville Chamberlain.

And we know what Hitler did shortly after.

As Bob Dylan put it:

Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

Note: Handwritten portions have been moved toward center to fit into this blogspace.

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Funny quote of the day (from a review of Sex and the City)

Likewise, Greek mythology begins with one question and one question only: Who has more fun in bed, men or women?”

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