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On a Star (comin’ to getcha)

Here’s a new tune that I’ve been working on. I might tweak it in a few days, but this is more or less it!


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Meteor just north of Toronto… a little too close for comfort!

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Apollo 11 – Looking back to ’69

Apollo 11 lunar module

You might remember a sampler of this track from last summer. It was very short and soon after I realized the voices needed EQ and noise filtering. Working on that lead to a whole bunch of other things I wanted to modify and improve. And I imagine in a few months I’ll feel the same way, all over again.

Here’s the blurb at SoundCloud… The Apollo moon landing soundtrack set to original score… trying to capture the ethos of ’69 when the word “computer” was synonymous with “IBM,” conjuring up images of massive reel to reel machines lining the walls of large office spaces. I’ve tried to stick to the sound of that era… sorta tight and linear, with an optimistic view toward an uncertain future.


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My challenge is to put music to the Apollo 11 Moon Landing sound clips (Source: NASA – www.nasa.gov) using only my keyboard and 100% freeware. I’ve just begun so this sampler is pretty barebones… I’ll be adding more voices, FX and rhythm variations.

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Review – Walking Between Worlds Belonging to None (DVD)

Reality Films

This review also appears at Earthpages.org

Written and produced by Steve Mitchell, this film tells the story of Jason, a British man who claims to have been repeatedly taken by extraterrestrials (ETs) during childhood.

Jason says he doesn’t use the term “abducted” to describe his unusual experiences because once he got past the fear factor he simply wanted to learn from his encounters.

This attitudinal shift, he says, opened a door that enhanced his appreciation of not only ETs but of life itself.

In fact, what makes Jason’s account fascinating is his complete willingness to discuss the entire ET phenomenon in an open-minded but balanced way.

Jason offers insights and alternative opinions not found in the vast majority of ET literature, TV documentaries and DVDs.

Topics range from psi and healing abilities, the meaning of life, the variety of alleged ET species, and the possibility of top secret government UFO projects within the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD).

To add to the overall credibility of his account, Jason’s mother is interviewed. Here we find an intelligent woman who has explored all possibilities as to her son’s remarkable experiences and abilities, coming to the conclusion that “he’s telling the truth.”

This video is a must see for anyone wishing to enrich their understanding of the mysterious yet increasingly sought after notion that we are not alone.



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Is there life on Mars?

landing on mars…, originally uploaded by the last man on earth.

Public Domain Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

I don’t know if there is life on Mars but yesterday’s touchdown was some of the best TV I’ve watched in a long time! Check out more NASA pics here…


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total recall

total recall, originally uploaded by earthpages.

will mankind build on mars? i think it’s only a matter of time…