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How to tell a great leader from an evil genius…

I was browsing through A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis and came across an interesting passage that got me thinking…

Jung’s main theoretical contribution to group psychology lies in his claim that it is the influence of insufficiently integrated archetypal tendencies that leads to mass phenomena such as fascism.

And that really is the bottom line.

A great leader weighs all the options and acts with his or her mind connected to the heart. But a tyrant doesn’t give a damn because he or she’s in the grip of some strange power beyond themselves, a power that Jung called an ‘archetypal influence.’

In short, the one is in control, whereas the other is controlled and wants to pass that lack of personal autonomy onto others… sort of like a disease.

Speaking of diseases, I wrote a poem called “The Disease” a long time ago, several years before 9/11. It was this kind of thing that I was alluding to.


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just slightly ahead of my time…

just slightly ahead of my time…, originally uploaded by earthpages.

What’s the news? Well, today I worked like a beaver adding the very best news feeds available in all sorts of innovative categories. Check out the “News” tab at earthpages.ca and earthpages.org!

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History repeats

history repeats, originally uploaded by earthpages.


einstein’s missing variable

einstein’s missing variable, originally uploaded by the last man on earth.

love is the answer… assuming, of course, you’re dealing with sane individuals…

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Look familiar?

Dr. Seuss – The Zax

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Yeah I’m the Taxman…

loonie.jpgI was out yesterday and browsed the dollar table of my favorite secondhand bookstore.

There I spied an interesting Oxford publication, Our Global Neighborhood: Report of the Commission on Global Governance.

If it weren’t published in the mid-90’s I might have picked it up. Also, it’s in the library, so I decided to just check it out at my leisure.

Later that evening I found this web summary by Henry Lamb.


Why is it that I find the concept of global taxation alarming?