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old and new

It was unseasonably warm yesterday and I had to take the car to the shop for an oil change and emissions test… that gave me time to wander about, half-staggering with the remnants of a lingering cold.. i’d recently got some batteries (on sale) for my old point and shoot.. so i was having a good time trying out different zooms.. – via Flickr

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modern rome

I find it interesting that this cross sits above what looks like a roman arch… probably a lot like the entrances that Christians used to have to pass thru (to their gruesome deaths) in the ancient Roman Colosseum.. – via Flickr

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Grey Cup!

Football isn’t that big in Canada. Most people probably don’t know that we have our own football league. Composed mostly, I think, of players not goodenuf to make the NFL.

It’s sort of campy. But the players are better than, say, guys you’d see in the local park!

Just after uploading this the sun came out for a while. 🙂

Grey Cup always brings back memories of my dad. We used to gather together as a family and watch before I really knew there was a bigger, shinier and more commercial NFL!

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Jennie Brownscombe says Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1914 – Click image for fullsize

Looking thru the web for a good Thanksgiving pic, I discovered Jennie Brownscombe. Those deep artists eyes of hers stopped me cold.

Really quite a good painter. I advise checking her out if you’re into period pieces.

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (December 10, 1850 – August 5, 1936) Wikipedia

We’ve already had our Thanksgiving in Canada. But with Global Warming the two countries may eventually sync. Maybe, maybe not. Our Daylight Savings time recently synced. Ours used to be a week or two ahead. We changed to km in the 70s while the US still does miles. A childhood memory for me. A nice one, mind you.


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Boxing day, my father’s birthday

Poor dad. We were always so hungover or just plain tired on his birthday. I don’t drink alcohol any more but still feel fairly wiped this morning. It’s all the excitement, preparation and texts texts texts! Will be nice to take it easy for a while and settle back into my usual routine.

My dad was a proud Canadian. He went to Upper Canada College and then the University of Toronto. A civil engineer, he settled into business and worked for a couple of large companies. He did well but found that teaching was more to his liking. Ending up at Ryerson university, he became the Dean of Business. But he didn’t take himself all that seriously. When friends came over they’d joke around, lightly calling him “Dean” and he’d always play along.

After retirement he and my mother had a wonderful time doing volunteer work in the 1990s with a Canadian organization (CESO/SACO) helping Eastern Europeans develop Western style businesses. He and mom went everywhere: Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, to name a few places. Dad and mom were well liked by Dad’s students and seminar participants, as evident from the old, analog photos they brought home.

I often think it ironic that dad tried so hard to help Eastern Europeans and I was literally bit in the a** by one at the University of Ottawa.

In this photo dad is visiting my great aunt in Cleveland, Ohio. She was a librarian there. A very kind, saintly woman who eventually moved up to Toronto. Because dad had been to UCC, he enlisted for Officer Training during WW-II.

Here he is, ready to go and risk his life for democracy and freedom.


William James Loudon Clark

Happy Birthday Dad! Even though you’re not here physically, I believe you’re around.

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You can’t do that on the internet !


Okay, so some of you are probably wondering what the heck I look like. Apart from a few pics at Facebook and Flickr, I’ve kept a pretty low profile. It wasn’t always that way. But things happen and I just wanted to lay low for a while.

Today I went to a 11:30 Mass and then hung out in a coffee shop for a while after. By the time I got home I was in a silly mood and wanted to do a selfie. So here’s a silly selfie.

The effect is “Brick Wall” in Photoshop Elements. I adjusted the lighting angle to make it look more like getting run over or attacked by a staple gun than just mere bricks.

Life goes on. Life is good. Maybe next time I’ll do a serious one. Or a smile. 🙂