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old school selfie

Image via Tumblr

old school selfie in the bathroom… i was doing my masters in India… above my head to the left is a bucket… placed there to quiet a perpetually dripping shower head… and yes, i’m wearing a lungi… pentax K1000 film camera circa 1988-89



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Monsoon dream

Remembering my days as a student in India, where I spent long hours doing sorta fusion ragas on my guitar…

Funnily enuf, when I finished the final mix of this tune, a thunderstorm came up and it started raining heavily. Sort of perfect.

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when u wanted (with Audrey in the UK)

Somewhere between the old ambient stuff of Eno, some kind of renaissance wormhole, and… I don’t know. Just listen! Big thanks to Audrey in the UK!

(Shhhh… don’t tell anyone… but Audrey’s website blows my cover… http://www.yakitome.com/tts/text_to_speech)  🙂

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This Lonely Planet

This is a tune I wrote while living in Santiniketan, India. I wrote it on a 6 string acoustic guitar but thought it would sound nice through a blown bottle with whale songs in the background. Sometimes the whales get a bit grumpy. I could have lowered the levels there, but that just wouldn’t be real!

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Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix – Track 7 – Money (FIR Edit)

I remember when I was doing my PhD in Ottawa during the 90s. I went into HMV and this CD caught my eye. I never really liked Michael Jackson all that much when Thriller came out in ’82. But in India, a few years later, I  bought a tape of BAD, which for the most part I liked. They also played a film about MJ in the small Indian town where I did my M.A. Even there his impact was felt. Some people liked the film, others didn’t. I did.

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Joe Jackson – Right and Wrong

Here’s another one that was pretty big while I was at Trent. I remember seeing the album for the first time at Trent Radio, where I did a show called “From Here to Otanabee” (there’s a river there called the Otanabee, and student residences by the same name). That was a play on “From Here to Eternity.” I don’t think many of my peers got it at the time. My show probably wasn’t that popular (we didn’t have official ratings polls). But I had fun and met some interesting people—fellow DJs, music lovers, dropouts, etc.

Anyhow, Joe Jackson seemed so cool back then. And the album cover for this disc spoke to me. Turns out I won a scholarship to study in India soon after, so I did experience the “big world” first hand (I didn’t travel much as a kid). And now with the internet, the album art seems to have almost foreshadowed things to come.

Right and Wrong… do you know the difference? 😉

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hindu’s and ufo’s

Tirumala Temple

Tirumala Temple via Wikipedia

When I lived in India during the 1980s I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the leading pop culture stars and everyday people, alike, were interested in very modern topics, to include UFOs.

Why surprised? Well, considering that oxcarts rolled down the main street of my town on a regular basis, it seemed fascinating to live in a culture where one could simultaneously witness the ancient and the modern.

I’ve kept and eye on India every since, and have noticed that its major newspapers and minor publications still reflect this dichotomy of the old and the new.

Here’s another Q&A at AllExperts.com, entitled Hindu’s and UFO’s.