Reelin’ in the Years – 1981

It’s 1981 and I’m 19 years old. This is the year of the comeback bands. The Moody Blues, Steve Winwood, and John Lennon all had huge albums and hit singles in ’81. Lesser known acts like King Crimson released a respectable comeback album. And David Byrne (see 1980) teamed up with producer and ambient wizard […]

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cruel nature

the psychiatrist c. g. jung once said something to the effect that he was horrified by a God who would create a world where living creatures eat one another… every now and then i think of that… actually, not every now and then… quite often… but I have to accept my limitations and not judge […]

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seeds, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. A lot of people freak out over dandelions. It’s as if they’re not part of nature and some great hostile threat to the middle class homeowner. Projection, probably. Myself, I just cut them with my push lawn mower and don’t really worry about clearing them from the lawn. […]

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Review – The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter (DVD)

This review also appears at Title: The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter Genre: Harry Potter, Fantasy, Adventure Production Company: Reality Films Harry Potter has stirred up much controversy. The bestselling children’s fantasy books have delighted literary critics, won countless awards, raised eyebrows from Christian groups, and made their author, J. K. Rowland, a billionaire. […]

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