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Double timeout – What are the odds?

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Last night I was listening to two keyboardists whom I’d like to get more familiar with. Dave Brubeck and Bill Evans. Doing a library search for Brubeck, I came across an lp called “Time Out.” When I tried to place an order for that CD through the library, I got a notice that my online session was about to time out!

So what are the odds?

To me, it was a funny synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term coined by the Swiss depth psychologist and medical psychiatrist C. G. Jung to denote the occurrence of what he believed were *meaningful* coincidences. This coincidence did have a meaning for me. But it is too private to divulge!

I also did my doctorate on Jung’s concept of synchronicity. Anyone interested click here.



cruel nature

image via tumblr

the psychiatrist c. g. jung once said something to the effect that he was horrified by a God who would create a world where living creatures eat one another… every now and then i think of that… actually, not every now and then… quite often… but I have to accept my limitations and not judge God for creating such a place… and Jung’s unwillingness to do that, imo, was one of his greatest faults… anyhow, phil. discussion aside, i saw this bird literally pluck this poor little fish out of the water and just happened to capture it…

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Proteus – film about Ernst Haeckel (2004)

This is a worthwhile film about the 19th-century luminary Ernst Haeckel. I just watched it on DVD. The special features indicate that it took 22 years to make! The filmmaker creates elaborate animations of Haeckel’s scientific artwork using old-school editing techniques, because he was first inspired to make the film before PCs went mainstream. Amazing.

The depth psychiatrist C. G. Jung is not mentioned, but Jungians and other seekers interested in alchemy as an inner-outer process should be pleasantly surprised. I give this film 5 out of 5 for sheer dedication. It was nice to see the old-style animation. Brought back memories. I grew up with that stuff. Storyline was mature and interesting as well. Nice blend of art, science and history.

My advice — For those keen on this kind of thing, buy the DVD or grab it from the library. The special features are every bit as interesting as the film. At least, they were for me. 🙂 Here’s what Scientific American had to say.

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Poor boy’s or girl’s 5-way surround sound

My bedroom is like an electronic cave. It’s unbelievable how much stuff I’ve packed in here. Most of it is a remix of old gear than I’ve had kicking around for ages. This weekend, I guess partly to help getting over the loss of our pastor, I immersed myself in a new remix. The outcome was my “poor boy’s or girl’s 5-way surround sound.” It’s not really surround sound. Because I think that has different info in each channel. But it’s still pretty good.

So how do you do it? (um, yeah… substitute your stuff for mine…)

Take your Mom’s old HK amp that’s been gathering dust for the past few years. Add your Dad’s old Zoltri Sound System (amplified subwoofer and white speakers) that came with his Win 98 PC. Run that from the “tape out” jack in the back of the HK. Add two spanking new Yamaha speakers that you got from your AirMiles card (a shoppers points/rewards system)… and voila, you have the poor boy’s or girl’s 5-way surround sound!

And how does it sound? Well, apart from the slightly audible buzz that comes thru the Zoltri system (still trying to fix that), it’s great! I have tons of control over the levels because it’s sort of two stereos joined at the hip, each with different volume and tone controls.

I love recycling old stuff. So many people – even supposed “Green” people – enjoy running out and buying all the latest gear. But I tend to hold on to and reuse old stuff. Heck, we still have our CRT TVs and monitor! It’s actually very psychological and spiritual. Each piece of equipment means something different to me. Each was important at a certain time in my life. So now I’m remixing in a whole new way.

As the depth psychologist Carl Jung put it, the inside and the outside should mirror one another. And if not, something bad usually happens to restore or recreate a new balance.

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seeds by earthpages
seeds, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

A lot of people freak out over dandelions. It’s as if they’re not part of nature and some great hostile threat to the middle class homeowner. Projection, probably.

Myself, I just cut them with my push lawn mower and don’t really worry about clearing them from the lawn. By the time summer rolls around you can’t really see them anyhow.

I guess my relaxed attitude toward nature comes from spending childhood summers at Georgian Bay. Now THAT was nature. And it was almost entirely wild and untamed… unclipped.

So when I saw a patch of dandelions at St. John’s rehab not too long ago, I allowed myself to be mesmerized by their beauty.

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When I was back there in seminary school…

C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland....

C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Photo taken by my mother who is an admirer of Jung and his work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually it wasn’t seminary school like most people think. I was studying comparative religion for my Masters in a small university village in India (Santiniketan). And my specialty was on the Hindu Bhagavad Gita. But it was something of a monastic experience, even if not formally defined as such. Some of the foreign students (sounds funny but that’s what we were called) joked that studying at Santiniketan was like entering into a monastery without really knowing it!

Anyhow, I finished my degree with a few ups and downs and managed to get funded for the University of Ottawa, where I was all set to do my Ph.D. I knew that I wanted to study Carl Jung there because his work seemed a good focal point where I could integrate many of my interests. I ended up doing my doctorate on Jung’s concept of synchronicity, which arguably was related but not quite the same as the projected thesis outline that helped me to gain admission.

I was rifling through my drawers and found the original outline a few days ago. I think it might be of interest not only to Jungians but to anyone interested in the spiritual life and how it relates to the rest of society.

Projected Thesis Outline for the University of Ottawa, Department of Religious Studies (pdf copy of original dot matrix document)

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Why do millions claim that they “keep seeing the same number”

Carl Jung integrated psychology with spirituality.

Carl Jung integrated psychology with spirituality via Wikipedia

Not too long ago someone asked me at AllExperts.com about all those people who claim to see recurring numbers in their lives. Clearly some think the whole idea is pure hogwash while others take it quite seriously. Some of the theoretical problems with the idea are discussed here:

Carl Jung integrated psychology with spirituality.