Amazing day today in Georgina

Here’s a little Anglican Church that I’ve photographed before. Today was special because the lake by which it stands was entirely frozen. But it was sunny and pretty warm (for March in Canada, that is). A well-known Canadian author Stephen Leacock rests in the Church cemetery. As does Susan Sibbald, a woman whom I find […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1998

So it’s 1998 and I’m 36 years old. I’m still living in Ottawa, in a slightly rundown apartment beside the Union Mission. I’m getting pretty used to hearing street people making noise because, well, I live right beside them. One night I had to call the cops because a big guy was pounding on my door […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1973

It’s 1973, I’m eleven years old, and mankind has been to the moon so many times it’s like “Oh did they do that again?” People being the fickle creatures that they are soon lost interest in the moon shots. And the manned (peopled?) lunar program was all washed up by ’73. Skylab quietly ushered in […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1967

It’s 1967 and I’m five years old. I definitely remember hearing Sgt. Pepper’s on vinyl. The song that first caught my attention was “Lucy in the Sky.” That guitar riff at the beginning has been copied and morphed by so many other bands. They probably changed it just enough to avoid a lawsuit. I learned […]

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Flashback to when cybercafe’s existed in Toronto… now everyone can go to the library or a coffee shop if they don’t have internet at home… the date on this file says “modified 2004” but it might be earlier. The faces have been blanked out, which would have been the mod date… a bit of web […]

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She’s Got Dragons

Who me? Game of Thrones freak? Naah. That’s only part of the story. I did like Khaleesi and thought that Jason Momoa nailed the ancient conqueror role. But they are only depicting things that, more or less, really happened. Alexander the Great. Cyrus the Great. Cleopatra. Dragons may be fiction but we have a pretty […]

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