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Reelin’ in the Years – 1976

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1976 was a funny year in pop. I’m 14 years old and sensing that the fluff is starting to overtake the substance.

I was probably lamenting by this time that nobody comes close to the Beatles. I went thru a phase like that, where I felt EVERYTHING was second-rate compared to the Beatles. I don’t feel that way anymore.

So I just went thru the charts and listened to several good songs that grabbed me back then. Because they’re all just “pretty good” and no single tune stood out for this year, I decided to choose this one:

The vocals sound a bit 70s macho by today’s standards. That’s not why I chose this song. It’s the synthesizer work that really mystified me as a kid. Well, young teen.

When this song was big I was up at Georgian Bay, sleeping out in a small cabin by the water all by myself. I had a candle, a book (Dune) and a radio.

Image – paxlaur.com

“Moonlight Feels Right” came on the radio when moonlight was actually streaking across the water of the bay.

That synth sound (in the chorus) mystified me with the panoply of stars and the moon set against rocks and pines. Moonlight without light pollution is something to experience. Hard to explain in words. But it all worked back then.

So for that golden, nay moonlight memory. This is the tune!

Reelin’ in ALL the Years


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Reelin’ in the Years – 1969

Moon Landing Nasa Apollo 11 1969 Buzz Aldrin

It’s 1969 and I’m seven years old. Old enough to understand the hippie movement and even emulate the walk. (I remember walking down the street with a certain “cool” gait and my 20-something neighbor saying to his friends, “He’s already got the walk!”

Canada is coming of age, musically speaking. Groups like The Guess Who and those with Canadian members like Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Band, and CSNY are charting. Not surprisingly, the US and Canadian pop charts diverge even more this year.



The Beatles seem to be doing better in Canada (our links to Her Majesty, perhaps?), and the whole order of hits differs between the two countries which, back then, were more isolated. I know full well that Canada still doesn’t really hit the US radar, but we’ve always been watching them—as much as the media would permit, that is.

At this point, I’m glad we’ve got CanCon rules because several Canadian pop tunes are firmly rooted in memory. Can’t imagine a childhood without those.

So without further ado, my fav pop song for ’69 has got to be the memorable “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat and Years.

The lead vocalist is David Clayton-Thomas, a Canadian singer, born in Surrey, England. One night I checked him out on Wikipedia. He’s had a tough, interesting life.

After the war, the family settled in Willowdale, Toronto. From the beginning, Clayton-Thomas and his father had a troubled relationship. By the time Clayton-Thomas was fourteen, he had left home, was sleeping in parked cars and abandoned buildings, stealing food and clothing to survive. He was arrested several times for vagrancy, petty theft, and street brawls and spent his teen years bouncing in and out of various jails and reformatories, including the Burwash Industrial Farm.[1]

He inherited a love for music from his mother and when an old guitar came into his possession, left behind by an outgoing inmate, he began to teach himself to play. Upon his release from detention in 1962, he gravitated to the Yonge Street “strip” in Toronto. Rhythm & Blues, migrating up from Detroit and Chicago was the music of choice on the strip and Arkansas rockabilly pioneer Ronnie Hawkins recognized the formidable talent of the young ‘Sonny’ Thomas and took him under his wing. It wasn’t long before he was fronting his own bands. » Wikipedia

Heck, I was still in junior school and can remember another kid singing this song in class. A big hit up here. Not as big in the US, maybe. But hey, Americans were walking on the Moon in ’69, so what did they care for spinning wheels?

Reelin’ in ALL the Years

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moon last nite

moon last nite

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Moon-1just one wish if you could influence the stars for me when they awake in the midnight sky

in my sleep sound and deep in dreams I hold the light of the full moon in my palms

this darkened chamber shall be emptied and forgotten when the morning sun enters with a bright new day

but for tonight dear moon wrap me in your light let me hold on for just a while longer as this enchanted summer’s night will soon bring tomorrow ❤

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Good Friday… moon reflecting in a puddle on the driveway… 2:30 a.m.

I went out to do some late night food shopping. Supermarket was closed. But I noticed this moon in a puddle on the driveway. In some strange way, I felt it was appropriate for Good Friday.

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moonbase alpha

Image via Tumblr

Last nite at Port Hope Ontario. It’s a small town looking over Lake Ontario. Fisheye filter brings in a lot more light, otherwise I probably would have taken this straight.