what happened here?

Here’s a post-apocalyptic themed track. The woman’s voice is from https://www.freesound.org/people/Corsica_S/sounds/99480/ . I think she’s got an amazing voice. If interested, check out other samples her boyfriend has uploaded (she’s usually described as “my girlfriend”). And here’s a list of all other sounds: Freesound.org (lighter background) and freeSFX.co.uk (darker background)    

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A walk in the park…

Went for a walk in a nearby ravine. The scene is backlit, but still, the branches in the foreground are all sickly and dull looking… Related articles Quick Tips for Taking Better Portraits from Nikon Moose Peterson Explains the Importance of Seeing Light from Nikon HOLMBERG: The monster sinkhole from Gaston, 10 years later Photographing […]

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walk on

Another one of those “irregular” shots where I try cropping it several times. Nothing comes out right. So I just leave it. Sometimes life (and photography) works out better that way.

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