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Water under the bridge

Had a sublime moment today in the local park (Serena Gundy). Just last summer I realized a secret entrance that I’d never known about. Also, I used to go away for summers when I was a kid. These days, I improvise.

summer’s end…

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Felt really sterile in the city today, so we took to the countryside. After this photo, I took some (seemingly) amazing shots of an old barn with the setting sun on it. But when I got home, all I saw was funny squiggles and empty folders where the pics should have been. The joys of digital photography… :-/

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the bug

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Summertime is photo time…

dancing in the light by MC via Flickr

It is for me, anyhow. Living in Toronto I tend to take far less pics in the winter, mainly because I’ve become sensitive to the cold in my advancing years.

There’s another blog “Just my pics” which has some of my current favs against a black background. So far I haven’t acquired a dot.com for that blog. Perhaps I will, but I’m already floating earthpages.org, earthpages.ca and (this one) michaelwclark.com. So four domains might be a bit of overkill.

Will have to see if I get more serious about my pics or whether they just remain a hobby. But for now, I’ll just highlight the link every once in a while… Just my pics

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retro chairs

retro chairs by earthpages
retro chairs, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

taken just the other day, i gave this a retro look… quite fitting because the chairs are in front of an ice cream shop with a 1950s theme to it.

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Georgian Bay, High Rock Island

Looking out on Georgian Bay with camera set on Precambrian rocks some 4.5 billion to 540 million years old.

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summer memories

summer memories, originally uploaded by earthpages.

My father sometime in the 70s…