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Pixels – DVD Review

Official poster for Columbia Pictures’ film “Pixels” – Wikipedia

Last night I returned some library material to a branch that I don’t visit too often. Browsing the DVD section I saw a fresh copy of Pixels. I’d been curious about it, so checked it out.

I was drawn into the film fairly quickly. Being about 20 yrs in 1982, where the movie begins, it brought back a host of memories. Some good, some not so good.

Adam Sandler plays Sam Brenner, a “loser” working as a tech installer. His orange outfit even has the word “nerd” in the corporate logo. Sort of a cliche these days, one which I doubt actual tech installers would appreciate.

On the other hand, Sam takes on an attractive “snob” (Michelle Monaghan) who wouldn’t kiss him because of his lowly status. And he does it well. So the film is a bit more complicated than merely perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

What really grabbed me in this movie was its integration of early video games, 80s pop culture, and the idea of an ET invasion. If you extend your imagination a bit, I think this movie is pretty good. I laughed here and there. Yes, drifted a few times… but one can always hit the pause button and get a coffee or snack when that happens.

On the whole, I felt that Sandler and the supportive cast did a good job. I wouldn’t say “great” but again, it was the synthesis of old, new and the beyond that made the difference.

More or less panned on other web sites. I think this film was just a bit too clever for some learned “critics” whose minds are too regimented to appreciate a flick that doesn’t fit into the current sci-fi box. True, it appears stupid and silly. One reviewer just called it “tediously bad.”¹ But something higher was going on. At least, it was for me.

Final word – Pleasantly surprised.


¹ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixels_%282015_film%29#Reception

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Originally posted on hocuspocus13:

imageI was the strangest person in the world

bizarre and flawed…

I’m thankful for my struggle with learning about myself because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength 💛

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Beauty and the beast

Originally posted on Arrow of emptiness:

This world is full of endless beauty and endless pain, mixed in just about the same proportions, to make it the right concoction, that makes you drunk upon your senses, body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.

The spirit can make you drunk or totally abandoned, even crazy with ecstasy, and the matter heavy or light with entrancement…

Quite a twisted sense of humour and yet, what stays as the bottom line of it all is that we are one tribe – resting upon the heartbeat of Earth; made up of the same twisted cords of dna, one strand for the eros of life, the other one for the death inherent in everything, both dancing us into and out of the existence itself.

One strand goes for the beauty of life, the other one for the pain  and terror of life, hence the affair of the beauty and the beast,  together…

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Shakespeare with Bacon

I always thought this was sorta cool. The idea of messages going backward through time. Can’t remember where I found this, unfortunately.



English: "Shakespeare or Bacon", Wat...

“Shakespeare or Bacon”, Watercolour on paper, 35.50cm x 25.50cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – Why not Shakespeare AND Bacon?

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Originally posted on hocuspocus13:

Light Of HopeBetween the Ticks of Time
Torn by the Wind

Clouded by Tears
Shrouded in Weeds

Abandoned by Day
Ravaged by the Night

Olde as the Halls
Olde as this Darkness

Faded by the Pillars of the Sun
House of Flesh among the Ruins

Shadows wrapped in Time
Is that which Does Not End…

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DrumTroop – Free EDM, HipHop, Old School Drum Rompler

Hard to believe this is free! Just checked it out and it works great in Reaper. Grab it while it’s free.

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Warning… Hot Coffee!

strange blur – taken moments after the scorcher… by mistake… (usually my best are by mistake!)

Last night I was out in the countryside and pulled into one of my fav. donut shops to grab a coffee. The young lady was sweet and polite but, little did I know, handed me a scorcher of a cup of coffee. So off I went into the car, into the night, on to my next destination. Driving very slowly through an empty parking lot I figured it was a good time to take a sip.

Yeouch. It was hot. But I thought I could handle it. So I kept on sipping. Next, I’m sipping over a speed bump… one of those small but really nasty speed bumps that force you to slow right down.

That did it. I scorched the back of my throat and can still feel it somewhat today. After getting home last night I read all about scorched vocal chords, because I’m taking it upon myself to improve my singing voice.

All I can do is hope it gets better. I considered suing but read a few articles on the web. All scorching at donut hole suits have been dismissed. And I’m not really the suing type, anyhow.

But a word of advice to any speakers or singers out there, wannabe or pro. After reading up on it, I realized that the vocal chords are very sensitive instruments. Take care of them. Be smart. I know I will from now on.


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