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I think I’ll do the trick this year and forget the treat…

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr – Click for fullsize (looks better)

I took my Mom to the eye doctor today. All went well and on returning home I noticed the sun was brilliantly shining on our humble little Halloween creatures that we bought in a dollar store in Cobourg Ontario. Had to snap a pic with my phone. The text is a bit gimmicky but I don’t have Photoshop, so had to settle with what I could do with Photoshop Elements. (excuses… excuses…).


Getting Back to Bach

Trelane - with harpsichord (under his arm...)

Trelane – with harpsichord (under his arm…) – via startrek.com

Years ago I went through a major J. S. Bach phase. Especially Bach harpsichord. There was something trippy about those tinkly keys. They literally transported me back into some Gothic drawing room. (Even as a kid I loved the Star Trek TOS episode with Trelane, a spoiled brat alien harpsichordist who had to grow up and be mature.)

So I ordered every CD I could get my hands on through the library. I drove to Bach. I worked to Bach. I played to Bach. I even made a video or two with Bach.

Then I lost it. I had to move on and explore other genres and different types of classical music. But as the world turns and the planets revolve around the sun, I guess it was only a matter of time before I came back to Bach. And why not? Along with Mozart and Beethoven, he’s one of those guys who just always gets it right.

Listening to this right now through our library. Good!

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More tips for people trying to get the most out of an old computer


I awoke in the middle of the night last night. Instead of rolling around in bed when that happens, I usually get up and do something.  I also enjoy listening to music late at night. My senses are heightened. It’s quiet. And usually there are some other night owl bloggers with whom I might engage in some friendly banter. So it’s all good.

But last night my faster laptop was in my bedroom. And I wanted to sit at the dining room table, where I have a really ancient laptop set up. I say “set up” because the hinge is busted, so I have to prop up the screen with something moderately heavy.

A bit tired of Spotify and Stingray, I wanted to listen to Naxos online. But this little dining room laptop just couldn’t hack it. After playing sounds for a few seconds it would skip and sputter. That’s what happens with 512 RAM and an atom-style processor.

So I tried the K-Meleon browser, highly touted among old computer hobbyists. But it couldn’t load the Naxos playlist. I tried Firefox. Same thing. Next I tried the ultra-light Midori. The portable version didn’t load. But the installed version did.

This looked very promising and, happy for a few minutes, I thought I’d found the answer. But after a while the whole Midori browser just crashed.

Then it came to me. Duh. Just load Chrome without all my extensions. This meant signing out of Chrome and loading the blank browser, clearing all history, bookmarks, etc. (Not sure if the latter makes any difference but I thought I’d do it anyhow).

Success! This works so well that I am listening to Handel (streaming) and typing this note on Word 97. Next, I’ll try to load up WordPress and see if the music still plays.

It’s the little things in life…  :)


Old Building in Old Toronto

St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto recently reopened after seemingly years of being closed for reno (I’m not sure exactly how long it was closed). I’m happy to be able to go back, deep into the downtown of Toronto to attend Mass. It’s a nice big old church, although the reno arguably stripped away some of its old world charm. But that’s a topic for another day. Today I just want to post a nice old building that I saw the other day on the street about ten minutes walk from St. Michael’s.

Pembroke Street Toronto (near Shuter and Jarvis).

Pembroke Street Toronto (near Shuter and Jarvis) via Tumblr

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Makin’ the drop

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

Traffic is crazy in Toronto these days so I often use the overnight drop box at the public library. I didn’t watch this DVD but mananged to skim the instructional book that came with it. Something about dialects vs. languages, and how arbitrary the definition of each is.

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Agent Carter

I was struck by how good this series was. Especially the first season. Although I enjoyed both. Rumor has it that a third season might somehow appear. But I can’t really see it doing very well. Seems a lot of good US stuff begins with solid character development and interaction, and then degrades into a special FX fiesta. Agent Carter stopped just in time, I think. Unless the writers can recapture the compelling dynamic seen among characters in the first season… and to some degree in the second. Then I guess it could work.

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Help save our environment… use old stuff in new ways

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr