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moon last nite

moon last nite

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Another view of the lines… this time coming in..

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went for a country drive yesterday… turned off this road to clean the windshield as it was getting dark.. turns out the road’s sole existence is to test paint strips! it’s a dead end… or is it..?

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Enlil – God of the Storm

I started working on this one, not really knowing where the inspiration was coming from. Later, I picked up an ancient history DVD. During the description of Enlil, the Mesopotamian god of the storm, I knew that I’d found the title for this track.

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shake reduction

Image via Tumblr

Here’s a sunset shot taken last Sunday. Lake Ontario near Cobourg ON. It’s handheld zoomed 48x, and my camera only has 12x optical. So there was some blur. I used Photoshop’s “skake reduction” (a new one for me) filter to fix it up. Pretty impressed with the results.

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Originally posted on hocuspocus13:

Moon-1just one wish if you could influence the stars for me when they awake in the midnight sky

in my sleep sound and deep in dreams I hold the light of the full moon in my palms

this darkened chamber shall be emptied and forgotten when the morning sun enters with a bright new day

but for tonight dear moon wrap me in your light let me hold on for just a while longer as this enchanted summer’s night will soon bring tomorrow ❤

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Originally posted on hocuspocus13:

Good Night Moonsummer breeze came lightly tonight
late I sat outside to talk to the sky
twinkle stars I wish with all my might
than said to the moon have a lovely good night ✴

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