What have we done to the night?

So if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that I have a smart phone after years of doing without. I must admit, I like having the phone and camera all in one. I like taking pictures. And many times I “saw” something but didn’t have my camera with me. So I didn’t get the shot. […]

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21st Century Signs

Thinking I’m going to start a new photo series called “21st-century signs” or something like that. I’ve been fascinated by street signs for a while now. Some are just boring but others stand out. I always marvel at pics of old times. So maybe someday people will look back at these and think…”oh, how old […]

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interlude, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. was waiting for the breeze to blow the flags out a bit more… but it just didn’t happen… so i call this one “interlude”…

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401 west

401 west, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. took a walk today to a bridge looking over highway 401, one of the major east-west arteries running through the north end of toronto Related articles old country meter (mclark.wordpress.com)

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