Up front

Ever since I witnessed a person call a nearby lady a “f****** b****” and me a “f****** loser” on two separate occasions at a downtown church, I’ve been avoiding that parish and going to this one. I can handle a verbal assault, and didn’t contact the authorities, even though the outburst against me was witnessed […]

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Warning… Hot Coffee!

Last night I was out in the countryside and pulled into one of my fav. donut shops to grab a coffee. The young lady was sweet and polite but, little did I know, handed me a scorcher of a cup of coffee. So off I went into the car, into the night, on to my […]

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china swan

So I got in the door and noticed the sun hitting this china swan in our main floor bathroom.. the background looks like a dappled photoshop effect, but it’s a translucent window.

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