Working on a new tune. Really hope I can get it out by Halloween. I’m using a keyboard I bought from one of those discount shops. Part of it doesn’t work… most notably, the control key. But I’m getting my money out of it anyhow. Tonight, it’s my digital sampler keyboard. If I get the […]


Beyond the Night

Here’s a cinematic, atmospheric one that I worked pretty hard on. It began as a slightly chaotic assemblage which slowly came together. My main learning point was how to use a sequencer for drum samples, making it sound less robotic than sequencers can sound. The sequencer I used (Megababy) allows for manual timing changes (called […]

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back in the groove

Earthpages has taken a back seat the past few days as I really wanted to get this out asap. My little blurb at SoundCloud says it all: You guessed it. I was thinking of Paul McCartney and other 70s feelgood love songs a bit when mixing this. But the tune was written in the late […]

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This is a pretty old tune that I originally sang. The first recording was done in the late 1980s / early 1990s on a Fostex 4-track tape with a Yamaha mini keys keyboard, an Ibanez digital delay and a couple of foot pedals. Despite the limited tech, the end result was pretty good. (I might […]

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So ends a pretty terrible month in the news. I started this at the beginning of the month. At some point I realized that it was mirroring the tragic headlines that dominated a good part of June.

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Sheer Distraction

The story behind this tune is that I was desperately ill through the winter months. It took a long time to recover. When I finally felt things were turning around, I sat by my computer and came up with a basic bassline. I sent that to Lee Neale who sent back this amazing melody with […]

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freebird – remix

Here’s a tune I wrote way back, after I’d returned to Canada from my two year sojourn in India. Originally composed on a Yamaha porta-synth (with those tiny keys), I tried a couple of versions using midi and digital technology some years later. Because I really didn’t know anything about mixing and mastering, the results […]

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