After being away from church for a while with a debilitating cold, it’s nice to be back. Taken today just after the few who had gathered had left.

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TV and Church

So today I finally got around to taking the wheels into the shop. We had four slow leaks. The auto shop is pretty cool. In a grubby end of town under gentrification. The shop has been around for years, unchanged, and is pure Starsky and Hutch. The characters coming and going… I swear I could […]

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Jesus under construction

This is a beautiful old Church. The renovations have been going on for ages. At one point, you could see the original bricks at the entrance from the 1800s. I liked them so much, I think they should have just left it that way. But oh no, the old bricks have since been covered with […]

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Save the last Mass for me

Here I am at St. Michael’s Cathedral yesterday. It’s the last daily Mass of 2013. I like ordinary (sometimes called “mid-week”) masses because, as you can see, it’s not so crowded and there’s more room to breathe… They’re also shorter. The Sunday Mass can be nice. But generally, I prefer mid-week masses. They’re sweet and […]

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Back to Church…

I was getting that dull feeling that comes if I’ve been away from Mass for too long and going to St. Michael’s Cathedral in downtown Toronto to receive the Eucharist helped to make me feel spiritually well again (so much for all those materialists, skeptics and New Age pundits who say there’s nothing to organized […]

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