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Christmas is for kids

Image via Flickr

Taken today at one of the more economically disadvantaged parishes in Toronto (area-wise). Seems these amazing people are doing the most for kids this Xmas.

And isn’t that usually the way?

Those with a lot grasp on to it and are often cheap and miserly. Those with a little know what it means to be in want, so tend to share whatever they have to help others avoid that unpleasant feeling.


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genius bar

Enthusiasts checking out all the latest stuff in the Apple Store.. I guess I’m not a genius… just the photographer… 🙂

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old and new

It was unseasonably warm yesterday and I had to take the car to the shop for an oil change and emissions test… that gave me time to wander about, half-staggering with the remnants of a lingering cold.. i’d recently got some batteries (on sale) for my old point and shoot.. so i was having a good time trying out different zooms.. – via Flickr

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entering into Yonge downtown walking north from the business district, i got this strange, prehistoric feeling when i saw the sun on the building… like I expected to see a dinosaur walk across the scene… or that there was no difference… a definite “aha” moment! – via Flickr

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with their backs to the sun

with their backs to the sun via Flickr

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cheap sleaze

Yonge street isn’t as as sleazy as it was in the 70s but it still has its elements… via Flickr

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modern rome

I find it interesting that this cross sits above what looks like a roman arch… probably a lot like the entrances that Christians used to have to pass thru (to their gruesome deaths) in the ancient Roman Colosseum.. – via Flickr