Echoes from the Cave – The Wife – S1-E1 by earthpages Digital Art / Animation

Some of you may recognize this animation. I posted it for a short while under a slightly different heading. After working on it, I realized the storyline could evolve toward “mature” areas so moved it to, where one can rate their material and insist that viewers click on a disclaimer before actually being able […]

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Amazing day today in Georgina

Here’s a little Anglican Church that I’ve photographed before. Today was special because the lake by which it stands was entirely frozen. But it was sunny and pretty warm (for March in Canada, that is). A well-known Canadian author Stephen Leacock rests in the Church cemetery. As does Susan Sibbald, a woman whom I find […]

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Do you believe in evil?

I do. But this treatment of evil seems heavily imbued with Catholic traditionalism which might color the veracity of its claims. The author seems to contradict himself within the space of two pages. It’s not really important enough for me to cite exactly where.¹ I just browsed through this and that was enough. Demons could […]

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vintage poster

Returning some stuff at the library drop box the other night I saw this vintage poster in a nearby store window. It was freezing cold but I had to take a pic.

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Happy as a clam

Here’s a rare selfie taken at Christmastime. We have a mirrored closet which I have been using for selfies since before the advent of digital cameras. I’m happy as a clam in this photo because I just unwrapped a Canada Goose (exclusive label up here) hat. Previously I’d been wearing whatever old hat I had […]

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