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Here’s my solution… but, of course, it ‘aint mine…

Painting of a green devil from about the same period as the Gawain poem. Poetic contemporaries such as Chaucer also drew connections between the colour green and the devil, leading scholars to draw similar connections in readings of the Green Knight.

I recently posted a nice article basically encouraging Jews and Muslims to better get along. I’m all for that. I also realize that people tend to be happy with their religious traditions and don’t want to change.

At the same time, I sometimes wish that those who don’t really get what Christ is about could just see and experience like I do during the Mass.

Living in Canada (a place that embraces good people from all around the world) in conjunction with practicing Catholicism (which is decidedly international) one can’t help but appreciate just how worldwide the Catholic faith is.

I feel lucky to be where I am. It’s beautiful to see people, rich and poor, and from all around the globe, united in Christ. Sure, it only lasts during the Mass. It would be great if things rippled out more. But this is Earth, not heaven. We should all be working on it.

 Mesmerizing maps show how religion has spread throughout the world (businessinsider.com)

 Thousands protest to call against curbing incense burning in Taiwan (rappler.com)


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Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

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Playing around with Windows 10 – Artificial Intelligence, Cortana

Cortana has a sense of humor… Image via Tumblr


Double timeout – What are the odds?

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Last night I was listening to two keyboardists whom I’d like to get more familiar with. Dave Brubeck and Bill Evans. Doing a library search for Brubeck, I came across an lp called “Time Out.” When I tried to place an order for that CD through the library, I got a notice that my online session was about to time out!

So what are the odds?

To me, it was a funny synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term coined by the Swiss depth psychologist and medical psychiatrist C. G. Jung to denote the occurrence of what he believed were *meaningful* coincidences. This coincidence did have a meaning for me. But it is too private to divulge!

I also did my doctorate on Jung’s concept of synchronicity. Anyone interested click here.

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Easter morning

Image via Tumblr

Was up early this morning with the sun streaming through our back window.

The philosophy book features prominently in this shot because I just picked it up last night at the secondhand bookstore. After passing it by once, I went home and saw that it was selling on the internet for way more than $1.99. So I drove back to the store and grabbed it. Turned out I already had a copy buried in the basement. That happens sometimes when you haven’t indexed your library! But I don’t care. This copy has nicer print. And it was a steal at that price.

The other book, with the library tag, is a critique of the religious studies scholar Bart Ehrman, who looks at the historical Jesus without really giving any credence to the idea that Jesus is the son of God. This book is interesting. It’s like a team a smart Christian guys got together and said, “okay, how are we going to trash Ehrman!” And they do a pretty good job. Still, I like Ehrman. He’s provocative and a great speaker. I suppose I’m comfortable enough in my belief/experience/reflection that intelligent critique doesn’t throw me. But clearly Ehrman has really annoyed these Christian guys.

Carl Jung would have had a field day with all this. Ehrman being the shadow and the Christian guys being the forceful defendants reacting to the shadow’s provocations. At least, I imagine that’s how Jung might have seen it.

Anyhow, I believe that Jesus is incredibly special. And I have reason to believe. But that’s about all I can really say. If ideas like the “Trinity” were revealed to me in a way that was beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’d talk about that too.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Beauty and the beast

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Shakespeare with Bacon

I always thought this was sorta cool. The idea of messages going backward through time. Can’t remember where I found this, unfortunately.



English: "Shakespeare or Bacon", Wat...

“Shakespeare or Bacon”, Watercolour on paper, 35.50cm x 25.50cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – Why not Shakespeare AND Bacon?