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Ursa Major, Ursa Minor (Sketch)

A quick sketch of a melody/tune that came to me after seeing the big and little dippers in the dark countryside, by Lake Ontario… I may evolve it some day.. The two musical phrases are seven notes each, just as there are seven stars in each of the constellations…

While looking at the stars I noticed that the big dipper is, of course, bigger but the little dipper is brighter.

I love looking at a clear night sky devoid of light pollution. Finding a place without light pollution (sadly) seems almost impossible these days. But this location was pretty good. Just one small spot emanating from Cobourg Ontario, a town that used to be a hot spot for wealthy Americans back in the day.

Living in Toronto one can see 2 or 3 stars on a good night! Well, maybe a few more. But it is pretty appalling. So whenever I get a chance, which isn’t too often, I take to the country and reconnect with the ancient art of the night sky.

Image – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/445152744395241383/


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On the beach

Image via Tumblr

Still photo taken around the same time as movie, below.

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Go with the flow

Some kid left their beach ball on the beach. Video zooms in after a few secs…

Last night about 100 miles East of Toronto, Lake Ontario. I might go into YouTube and rename this Go With the Flow. After all, wind isn’t really caused by gravity but by atmospheric pressure. 🙂

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summer solstice

I used to be wary of trying out demo software cos I need my computer to be lean and mean, especially when doing music production. Every ounce of processing power and ram counts. Demos usually instal extra stuff, encouraging you to not only buy the product but many expansions and add-ons.

But ever since I found RevoUninstaler, which does a great job of removing most installed files when you want to uninstal a program, I’m not so reluctant. So last night I thought I’d give Photoshop a try. I own Photoshop Elements, which is pretty good in itself. Many of the PS filters come with PS Elements. But I must admit, it’s nice to have the precision with Photoshop… especially when cropping and working on text.

This pic is uncropped but obviously touched up with the “poster edges” filter. It was taken on the summer solstice (no kidding) at Lake Ontario, looking southwest. I suppose I could have chosen a more attractive font (i.e. typeface). But I’m just goofing around… and it seems the demo version doesn’t include exotic fonts.

Can you see the tiny moon at top left? 🙂



Lake Ontario Nov 2 2014 via Tumblr


warp factor 7

Image via Tumblr


waiting for …

me watching the afterglow..