Animation created automatically by Google Drive without my directly asking it to! GD seems to take liberties in that sense. I back up my pics there and it sends notifications about different kinds of filters and animations it has created. Maybe there’s an opt in / opt out button somewhere. But at least one can […]

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what happened here?

Here’s a post-apocalyptic themed track. The woman’s voice is from . I think she’s got an amazing voice. If interested, check out other samples her boyfriend has uploaded (she’s usually described as “my girlfriend”). And here’s a list of all other sounds: (lighter background) and (darker background)    

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Old and New

I’m fascinated by the contrast between old and new. I like both, although I hate to see the countryside gobbled up by munchkin homes… you know, those faceless carbon copy sub-developments that all look the same.  This was taken near Port Hope Ontario. I’d just stopped by a Service Center to have a stretch and […]

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Curious Custom

We got a real Christmas tree this year after using an artificial one for three or four seasons. As much as I love the scent and presence, I have to wonder if it’s ethical, having this poor thing half alive, half dead, sitting in a pan of water in the living room.

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