Reelin’ in the Years – 2003

It’s 2003 and I’m 41 years old. My father would pass away this year so it wasn’t exactly a stellar year. However, my faith saw me through. I remember driving down to St. Michael’s Cathedral and hearing this song by the Canadian duo Appleton come on the radio. The radio program was called Lovers and Other Strangers, […]

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cruel nature

the psychiatrist c. g. jung once said something to the effect that he was horrified by a God who would create a world where living creatures eat one another… every now and then i think of that… actually, not every now and then… quite often… but I have to accept my limitations and not judge […]

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After the fall

When I went to Mass yesterday (I tend to go almost every day) there was a sign on the Church door saying that the pastor had passed away on Saturday. He was quite young and it was an unexpected shock. A very nice, gentle priest, I sat through the Mass feeling the emotions beginning to […]

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A word about Earthpages

Today I was thinking about Earthpages. I’ve been doing that blog since about 1999! And I have literally hundreds of good articles stored on the back burner that aren’t showing right now. I had to do this because one of my major sources only allows 100 articles at a time for use on other websites. […]

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Christian pop comes of age

I remember while doing my PhD in Ottawa, there was a group of Bible-based Christian guys living in a house near my apartment. To me they seemed nice enough, even if, so I thought at the time, they were sitting around loafing all day. Turns out I later came to believe they were for real […]

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Title: God Kings – The Descendants of Jesus Genre: Documentary – Ancient History, Religion,Occult Production Company: Reality Films Is the Jesus story an ancient Roman marketing plan? Did Christ have a wife and daughter? A twin brother? These and other controversial questions are posed in God Kings: The Descendents of…

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What If – Nichole Nordeman

Here’s another Christian pop tune that I stumbled across in my travels. I like the song and don’t really know if it needs a video. But this video seems the least intrusive of all the others I saw at Youtube. One of things I like about music is how it can create its own visual […]

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Past life recall and ‘enlightenment’

It’s always nice when one of my volunteer answers at gets published. In this question, a man asks about recalling past lives during meditation and the idea of enlightenment. Click on this link to read my answer: Related articles Paranormally Mystic ( Giveaway of Past Lives #1: Rachel (The Past Lives Series) by […]

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Mandisa – Stronger

I’ve been journeying through the past a lot here. But I’m not stuck in it. One of the nicer surprises that I’ve come across in the past few years is the ripening of Christian pop music. With exceptions on either side, I often find it more uplifting than mainstream pop. I say “with exceptions” because […]

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