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Shakespeare with Bacon

I always thought this was sorta cool. The idea of messages going backward through time. Can’t remember where I found this, unfortunately.



English: "Shakespeare or Bacon", Wat...

“Shakespeare or Bacon”, Watercolour on paper, 35.50cm x 25.50cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – Why not Shakespeare AND Bacon?



singularity – a look at the future?

click on image for fullsize – via tumblr

I was goofing around with some software, seeing if a certain filter gave a random or the same effect each time. Turns out it was random.

When it generated this, I knew it was the one. If you look carefully, maybe with the fullsize image, you can make out a face in the circle. To me this looked like someone peeking thru a wormhole. Not that we can do that now. Not in a controlled or coordinated way. But sometime in the future, who knows..?

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Old wine in new skins

I just updated an article at earthpages.org. It is about mysticism, science and politics. The article has been kicking around earthpages since at least 2008. When I looked at it today, I couldn’t believe how poorly written it was. Slightly embarrassing!

I don’t know why it was so lousy back then. But I do know that that is why I had previously copyrighted the material. I really did not want anyone else to repost my article in any way because I knew it sucked (stylistically, that is).

But I think it is relatively okay now. It is a very old piece. And I have tried to rework it to make it flow and also to make it readable. I don’t know how successful it is. But I’m not so ashamed to lift the copyright now. So please check it out and if you feel like it you can now reblog.

This was dictated using dragon software and posted via email.

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Proteus – film about Ernst Haeckel (2004)

This is a worthwhile film about the 19th-century luminary Ernst Haeckel. I just watched it on DVD. The special features indicate that it took 22 years to make! The filmmaker creates elaborate animations of Haeckel’s scientific artwork using old-school editing techniques, because he was first inspired to make the film before PCs went mainstream. Amazing.

The depth psychiatrist C. G. Jung is not mentioned, but Jungians and other seekers interested in alchemy as an inner-outer process should be pleasantly surprised. I give this film 5 out of 5 for sheer dedication. It was nice to see the old-style animation. Brought back memories. I grew up with that stuff. Storyline was mature and interesting as well. Nice blend of art, science and history.

My advice — For those keen on this kind of thing, buy the DVD or grab it from the library. The special features are every bit as interesting as the film. At least, they were for me. 🙂 Here’s what Scientific American had to say.

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During the early 90s I remember getting some Christian fundamentalist junk mail with the tag… “Don’t Let Darwin Make a Monkey Out Of You!”

As silly and harmful as any kind of fundamentalism can be, these people did have a point. Science has become the new religion, and few realize how the unavoidably biased interpretation of experimental results can shape our worldview.


Charles Robert Darwin (1809-82) was an English naturalist whose The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection of 1859 proposed a view of evolution in which “natural selection” determines which species survive and which perish.

In opposition to Larmarck, Darwin believed that evolutionary changes were the result of mutations.¹ New species that happened to survive in physical environments (which also changed) replaced those species that did not.

For many followers of Darwin there is no master or divine plan guiding evolution. In 1871 he wrote The Descent of Man which traced, according to the theory, mankind back to the anthropoids. The clarity of his exposition and the force of his ideas have influenced practically every aspect of modern society.

The Welsh naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, independently conceived the idea of “survival of the fittest” around the same time as Darwin. Recent challenges to this view are still deemed…

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Video – Two teenagers put lego man into space

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Latest incarnation of Asimo

Is it just me, or is there something mildly unsettling about this?