Happy as a clam

Here’s a rare selfie taken at Christmastime. We have a mirrored closet which I have been using for selfies since before the advent of digital cameras. I’m happy as a clam in this photo because I just unwrapped a Canada Goose (exclusive label up here) hat. Previously I’d been wearing whatever old hat I had […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1971

It’s 1971 and I’m nine years old. Trying to decide on my favorite tune for this year is almost impossible. I could list several. Pop music has not only shifted into a whole new genre in the 70s, but my young brain is maturing now, and I clearly remember all the tunes. Music was having […]

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Good little history of US pop and fashion from 60s to now – (minus EDM)

1970s Style, Trends Revisited: Disco, Punk Rock, David Bowie – Videos by decade https://t.co/YEaEE54WMj via @RollingStone — earthpages.org (@earthpages) October 25, 2017 This goes decade by decade. Six short videos of about 5 minutes each. I like the quick time frame but notably absent is any mention of EDM, which I think caused quite a […]

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21st Century Signs

Thinking I’m going to start a new photo series called “21st-century signs” or something like that. I’ve been fascinated by street signs for a while now. Some are just boring but others stand out. I always marvel at pics of old times. So maybe someday people will look back at these and think…”oh, how old […]

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