Time Cop

Here’s a tune I’ve been working on for a few weeks. Sort of a synthesis of several old themes from the 70s. With a new twist. The image is Toronto downtown 1972. Looks quite different now.

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Late nite music…

I love music and often put a cd on after everything has quieted down in the house. I tend to Pin(terest) what I’m listening to if it’s new and I’m forming an opinion. Admittedly, I’m on this cd for the first time, and only about 3/4 the way though. So this is a tentative opinion. […]

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Spinners – Games People Play

Listened to this earlier today and got pretty emotional. Takes me back to when I was 13 yrs old and really grooving on the AM radio… Back then, the music was just in the air. Hits seemed more ubiquitous than they are now. Maybe because we have more stuff these days. Or maybe it’s just […]

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Originally posted on Earthpages.org:
Title: Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD Interviewer: Michael Bourne Director: Philip Gardiner Media: DVD Producer: Reality Films Nick Pope isn’t exactly a household name. But among UFO investigators and devotees he’s become a controversial figure. In The Man Who Left the MOD we learn that Pope joined…

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Neil Young – Walk On

This is an amazing song. One of those songs that captures important moments and feelings in my life, a song that I can always come back to whenever unexpected stumbling blocks get me down. And yes, sooner or later it all gets real… walk on.

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The belief in spiritual warfare: some complexities for 2010

This article also appears at Earthpages.org When one hears the term ‘spiritual warfare’ images of uncompromising religious fundamentalists and TV preachers may come to mind. The idea of battling demons is nothing new. Hindus have been familiar with it for centuries. As have Buddhists, Jains, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Shamans and Amerindians, among others. However, not […]

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flow, originally uploaded by earthpages. This is a few years old but i really like all the different lines of movement in this photo…

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