Happy as a clam

Here’s a rare selfie taken at Christmastime. We have a mirrored closet which I have been using for selfies since before the advent of digital cameras. I’m happy as a clam in this photo because I just unwrapped a Canada Goose (exclusive label up here) hat. Previously I’d been wearing whatever old hat I had […]

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Urban Moon

Fantastic weather tonight. I went for a walk by the old school, which actually used to be in that empty space in the center of the photo. It was torn down and is now in the base of the left condo. They’re going to do the same thing with the church directly across (behind my […]

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What Went Wrong?

Originally posted on Barefoot Justine:
I’ve had this problem, one that started early into adulthood. The problem is that there is music I love that I cannot bear. Be it in the background at a supermarket, on the radio, with friends, on my own, this music always brings me to tears. Not tears due to…

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1971

It’s 1971 and I’m nine years old. Trying to decide on my favorite tune for this year is almost impossible. I could list several. Pop music has not only shifted into a whole new genre in the 70s, but my young brain is maturing now, and I clearly remember all the tunes. Music was having […]

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Reelin’ in the Years – 1970

It’s 1970 and I’m eight years old. You had to be there to really understand what 1970 meant. Today it seems so long ago, so old-fashioned. I mean, 70s music. That’s dad and mom music. Maybe even grandpa and grandma music! I remember sitting in junior school and seeing the date written in chalk on […]

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Christmas is for kids

Taken today at one of the more economically disadvantaged parishes in Toronto (area-wise). Seems these amazing people are doing the most for kids this Xmas. And isn’t that usually the way? Those with a lot grasp on to it and are often cheap and miserly. Those with a little know what it means to be […]

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