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White Lining on Broadstreet (or RoboRock)

My first try at side-chaining, a technique in electronic music that, if done right, maintains the thump of the kick drum when lots of other stuff is going on that could drown it out (i.e. destructive interference..).


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Interesting Katy Perry version of Head Over Heels (classic 80s tune by Tears for Fears)

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Digital Revolution – The 80s

I don’t know what’s prompting me to do these song lists, but it sure is fun!

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People See Through You

This song was fairly popular when I was an undergraduate student at Trent university. I just watched the video after so many years, and the lyrics make so much more sense to me today.


Depeche Mode – People are People

People Are People

I remember when this was state of the art. Still rings true…