Red barn

Here’s one I took last summer, near Port Hope Ontario. This was a second attempt. The first time around a stunning sunset was hitting the barn, surrounding fields and water tower. Much to my chagrin on returning home, I found that my SD card had munched it. I think the problem was that I either […]

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halloween is coming

At the end of the summer I stumbled across this old barn on a country drive. It was a fantastic sunset with a rippled effect over the fields. I took several shots but all the files came out corrupted, probably cos I didn’t format the card properly. So I go back and take this. Nowhere […]

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went for a country drive yesterday… turned off this road to clean the windshield as it was getting dark.. turns out the road’s sole existence is to test paint strips! it’s a dead end… or is it..?

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rural remix

Remixes of a rural Ontario pic taken in September 2004 (click on images for fullsize). In Ontario we generally don’t paint our fences white as in parts of the USA. To me, that looks sort of hokey. But I guess it’s all a matter of what you’re used to.

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old times

Took this one last night. It’s an area that my grandfather used to frequent as a country doctor and MPP. Hence the old time filter.

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Old and New

I’m fascinated by the contrast between old and new. I like both, although I hate to see the countryside gobbled up by munchkin homes… you know, those faceless carbon copy sub-developments that all look the same.  This was taken near Port Hope Ontario. I’d just stopped by a Service Center to have a stretch and […]

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reaching for the impossible

reaching-for-the-impossible, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. this is on the edge of a farm near lake ontario… not being born and bred in the country, i’m not sure what it is… looks like some kind of bird feeder or something… but can’t understand why the holes are so small, and one on the bottom…

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old country meter

old country meter, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. drove out to the country yesterday… was nice to get out of the city, even if it took about an hour to get past all the box warehouses and tacky suburban development… seems toronto sprawls more and more every year… makes you wonder if someday the […]

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