Beyond the Night

Here’s a cinematic, atmospheric one that I worked pretty hard on. It began as a slightly chaotic assemblage which slowly came together. My main learning point was how to use a sequencer for drum samples, making it sound less robotic than sequencers can sound. The sequencer I used (Megababy) allows for manual timing changes (called […]

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Sheer Distraction

The story behind this tune is that I was desperately ill through the winter months. It took a long time to recover. When I finally felt things were turning around, I sat by my computer and came up with a basic bassline. I sent that to Lee Neale who sent back this amazing melody with […]

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i’m not analog…

Here’s a fun one. The other night I discovered Daisy by AlterEgo. She’s a voice synthesis plugin that actually sings the way you program her (with midi). Futurebot was one of my “secret” SoundCloud sites that I mostly posted experimental and satirical stuff at. But since Daisy turned out so well, I figured I might […]

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the beat goes on…

Thank you for the likes (SoundCloud versions, below). It’s encouraging. Since posting this I realized the drum track had to come down at the beginning. I actually drew more detailed volume curves for the entire drum track. That, of course, changed the rest of the mix. So I had to basically redo the levels for […]

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Dream – Radio – Edit – Sc4

– deleted by user – So here’s the 4th mix of Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech. The drum tracks were proportionally lowered at the quiet places and left the same at the loud places. And the funky little.. dee da dee da dee daaaaaa riff was lowered in places too. Seems […]

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i have a dream

– deleted by user – take three of “let freedom reign”.. changes include.. lowered the pitch of the snare and added some “whoosh” to the 2nd snare… tidied up the rhythm track… remixed other levels… and small tweaks here and there.. getting closer!!! learning fast!!! *** Part of the problem in getting the mix right […]

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