Donnie Darko – Review

So it took me a while to get around to watching this movie. I suppose the promo image for Donnie Darko was a bit of a turn off. Someone in a hoodie looking ominous with fire in the background. I imagined it was like Firestarter (which I haven’t seen… but you get the idea). All […]

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Title: Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD Interviewer: Michael Bourne Director: Philip Gardiner Media: DVD Producer: Reality Films Nick Pope isn’t exactly a household name. But among UFO investigators and devotees he’s become a controversial figure. In The Man Who Left the MOD we learn that Pope joined…

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Paranormal Phenomena/Graveyards…

The topic of Ghosts and the paranormal seems to be hot right now. Maybe it’s a way to keep the winter blues away. Or maybe…. In any case, here’s another Q&A at, where I really enjoy doing volunteer work: Paranormal Phenomena/Graveyards… Related Articles Paranormal Phenomena/My child says our house is “dark” ( Armchair skeptics […]

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Paranormal Phenomena: Spirit Communication

Here’s another question at I’m not a blind debunker of all things paranormal. But with these types of issues I always stress the importance of looking for natural answers to supposedly paranormal phenomena. Paranormal Phenomena: Spirit Communication ( Related Articles Metaphysical Blog Offers Reporting and Analysis of ‘Paranormal’ Phenomena and Psychic Abilities ( Lady […]

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Review – Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community (DVD)

This review also appears at Shot mostly outdoors in the United Kingdom’s beautiful West Cornwall, Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community looks at Earth energy, dowsing, near-death experiences, ancient ancestors, spiritual cleansing, alternate realities and a new global movement called the Parallel Community. Miller, himself, appears to be a happy, likable fellow very much […]

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