what’s your ism?

Having more fun goofing around with fonts. I’m not sure this one is quite up to Earthpages’ standards. I originally wanted a smart looking woman with a slightly confused, bewildered or exasperated expression. But I couldn’t find a good image along those lines. This one is okay. Places on a map, as it were…

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thru the forest – 2

While i was working on this photo (below) the banner at my blog looked really washed out and funny. I figured it had to do with a Windows update. I changed my computer color depth to 16 bits and that seemed to fix it. Then after restarting my computer I noticed that the color scheme […]

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Sliding into the new year

Things get so hectic round here that I just have to let earthpages slide over the holidays. Still, I love this time of year—after Christmas between New Years. Reminds me I guess of being a kid and having free time to play with all my new toys and gadgets. So now I’m playing with a […]

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Playing around with INKSCAPE

Inkscape is freeware. I stumbled upon it last nite while looking for a good program for converting bitmap to vector images. I’m not sure if Inkscape can do this yet, but I found that it’s pretty impressive with text. So here’s a Merry Christmas message after playing around for a night. I’m sure competent masters […]

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R & D

Earlier today I was surfing around the web, looking at old Spirograph game box pictures and came across a site where you can make your own spirographs. Click on the logo to go there… and have fun! 🙂

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